rush??what do u do

Hi just need some advie, i've just recieved my bottle of rush liquid incense and i may be being stupid but what exactly do i do with it?? inhale from bottle? or leave in next to bed?? just want to get maximum effect! when do we use it? thanks

Strictly speaking you should leave it next to the bed to odourise the room. Breathe, breathe, breathe deeply.

There's lots more information about poppers at and also at Wikipedia

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right many thanks, maybe we can have some fun this weekend


This is a very old thread from last year but I thought it was worth bringing back because poppers are so widely available yet many people don't seem quite sure how to use them.

I've used them for maybe 15 years now and I can say with some conviction that they ARE addictive but only psychologically addictive, they're habit forming so you've got to be a bit careful to make a point of not using them too often; I think most people are safe enough if they use them once a week or less.

Two Safety tips:
1.Don't swallow it! Yes, people really have done that.
2.Do not use near a naked flame, that includes electric and gas heaters and cigarettes.

From experience I know that if I use poppers too much it will depress my immune system and make me more at risk of getting a cold, the toxin in poppers flushes out of your system in about two days but during that time I sometimes feel a little bit lethargic and listless. The main annoyance for me is that a few hours after using poppers I often get a case of the munchies, I don't know how many other people experience this but if I overeat I may throw up later that night - not fun.
Basically it's fairly safe stuff but you have to be sensible.

The "correct" way to use poppers is to open the bottle and leave the aroma to spread, but to get the best kick I always put a little dab of it onto a wad of tissue and inhale it from a plastic bag - cheap medium sized food storage bags are the best. The rush only lasts for about 5 minutes (it seems a lot longer) so you should wait until you are well away before cracking open a bottle if you want to end on a high; you'll know when the right moment is. You don't need to huff it, just breathe it in like you would if you were smelling a cup of coffee.

**Important tip**

The fumes from the poppers will linger for a good couple of hours even with the windows wide open, so if there are other people in the house who you don't want to know about what you are using or you have kids you should only use poppers when you know that no one is coming home. I keep a fan close by and give the bedroom and adjoining room a good spray with air-freshener and then keep my bedroom door shut for the next 3 or 4 hours.
I'm not sure why but vacuuming the carpet helps too.

Poppers keep longer if they are cold (if you can find a cold place to store them) and you should definitely store them in some kind of sealed container - the vacuum seal type - because they continue to leak slightly once the seal on the bottle has been broken. The best way to deal with the wad of tissue is to tie it into the plastic bag and put it outside in the bin (trashcan if you're American) later on.

The best "normal" poppers I've found are Liquid Gold (made from Butyl Nitrate) which is my usual choice, but for stronger poppers I also use Amsterdam which is made from Amyl Nitrate like the stuff they made in the 70's and 80's. I haven't tried Rush but it gets good reviews. I've also tried several others like Buzz and Rave and Bang but I don't like them so much - they just don't feel as smooth somehow.