Safer Sex for All

I have to confess that in the heady days before I married I took what I would now consider an unreasonable level of risks because I have an alergy to latex and reacted badly to condom use.

I am therefore very impressed that there is now an easily available and effective product so that hopefully people who are also alergic to latex are able to experiment to their hearts desire with far less risk.

Are you talking about one product in particular or latex condoms in general?

Does anyone have any stats on what %age of people have a latex allergy?

I referred to non-latex condoms in general. I am still searching for one that suits as most don’t fit my partner.

The Trojan Supras ordered from LoveHoney arrived by the very next post but my husband said road testing condoms was cramping our style and we needed to give it a break.

I am fascinated by the concept latex sensitivity may be age related – I reacted badly to latex from as young as 20 (but it was misdiagnosed as thrush until I had children at 30).

The British Association of Dermatologists states on their website:
How common is latex allergy?
Nobody knows exactly. This is because there have not been any really good studies to accurately measure the number of people affected by latex allergy.
The best estimate at the moment is that it probably affects less than 1% of the general population (1).
It also seems to be rare in children (2).

There is a theory the increase in peanut allergies can be related to overuse of a peanut oil based breast cream when babies were breast feeding. Maybe overuse/overexposure to latex based products could contribute to latex sensitivity. So trying out a variety of different of condoms before you show any signs of sensitivity may be a good idea.

That's an interesting theory -- anyone else noticed that they become more sensitive to condoms after using them a lot?

Have you had a chance to road-test the Supra condoms yet? Would be interested to see your review! :-)

Yes thanks, your suggestion of Trojan Supra was an excellent one and very nearly successful.

I have written the review and it is now on the listing. I have also added a boring long winded version of the review as part of a message in the condom forum.