safest condoms

which ones are more safest but more like skin is there any

All the Durex condoms are kite-marked so they should be safe. The Fetherlite ones are very thin and get good ratings:

Some people think that non-latex condoms give a really good feel as well -- you can see some reviews here:

What condoms have you been using?

i have been using aegis extra strong they are brilliant but not very skin like

I know all Durex condoms are kite marked, but I trust (kinda) them more to protect against unwanted pregnancy, and STIs/STDs because they are a little thicker and the ones given out by a lot of family planning clinics. They do reduce sensation compared to others though. Featherlite condoms are thinner than other Durex ones, we even forget they're there sometimes! I think as long as they are approved I would suggest you just try lots of differet ones! You might be surprised at which ones you like. I think I did read a review on some that claimed to be skin like, will try to find it and let you know! I've recently changed to the mini pill because I want to see how sex feels without a condom (that's one of the reasons anyways)

pc xXx

the gossamer condoms are very good i have used hundreds of these in my time but unfortunatley recently they feel like they have extra lubricant on them makin them very slippery.

Featherlite condoms are quite good really the strength of the condom that you need can be told by the intensity of the foreplay that you are having...

The more intense the foreplay the stronger the condom that you should use...because believe me the more intense the foreplay you are in for some good sex

That has always worked for me and i have never had a breakage yet...