Saluting LH for not stocking products with this ingredient and China Shrink Cream.

Hi, I've been reading into some concerns I've had over the widely available creams and gels that claim to tighten the vagina.

The fabulous Violet Blue, who can be found on the LoveHoney blog roll, wrote an article on unsafe sex products.

In this great piece Violet mentions her concerns over the active ingredient 'alum' that can be found in some tightening creams such as the popular China Shrink Cream. I was really pleased to see that this was not to be found in any of LoveHoney's tightening products that I could find:

Adam and Eve:

Tickle Her:

The Intimate Organics gel is natural, organic and paraben and glycerin-free.

If you watch the video with Bonny and Carly you'll learn that the Intimate Organics range doesn't contain anaesthetics either. A nice alternative to the two I mentioned above.

However this product

does contain benzocaine, the active ingredient in Anal-Eze that Violet covers because of it's ability to numb the user from pain that would usually alert them to wear and tear. Something to keep in mind.

I don't know if it's a concious decision on LoveHoney's part to not stock products like China Shrink Cream which is readily available on some major UK sex toy sites, but I salute them. Thank you LH. Can LoveHoney tell us if this issue comes up when they order these gels and creams?

None of these products are really my cup of tea for but maybe some women are considering them and will find them beneficial and glad to hear about a natural option. Meanwhile I'm sticking to my favourite addition in my organic lube rack after Loverboy gave me a bottle of this lushness:

Natural, organic and vegan. J'adore.


That part especially confused me too.

Feministing have written their own fun reasons why alum is a drag