same sex vouyerism

Not sure if this as been covered before....but here goes

I,m in a happy hetrosexual relationship and we have a fab sex life and we love our toys.

But myself the male half as a secret fantasy to watch another guy pleasure himself while i do the same....not looking for anything else, no touching each other or sex just watching

I joined fab swingers but most guys on there are wanting more.... any suggestions guys?

Can't offer any experience of this, but are there sites where you could you do it via webcam?

Thanks...but ive tried this via webcam and looking to try it for real now

Thanks for the advice...Alone 4ever...i will giveit some thought

Try a trip abroad. Some 'wild' secluded beaches offer plenty of this. Warm sunshine, different categories of nudists and an adjacent 'nature reserve' with plenty of not-so-dense undergrowth are ideal for allowing your fantasies and fingers to run wild. How far you take it is up to you....

Maybe try these 'cam sites' again and find someone on there your comfortable with to meet up with and act it out?

have a look on fab swingers and just be patient on there, ive seen guys looking for wank buddies before on there.

outline in your profile what your looking for and you might just get lucky, feel free to add me on there Lewis_121

Webcams are distant, safe and predictable - the antithesis of voyeurism. Only the real thing takes you to another level. The unknown, the risk, the excitement, the total abandon - provide the narcotic, unpredictable attraction.

You could goto a swingers party and just be a voyeur there. :)

thanks monday....i would love to try but feel quite nervous

Barney50 wrote:

thanks monday....i would love to try but feel quite nervous

I've been to bdsm events at swingers clubs and they're a lovely bunch. There's almost always a lounge too where there's no sex so you can feel safe to chill out :) understandable nerves though

Hi like the thought of this could be a good start into my bi side

Well, there are no private messages on here but I would love to help you out with your little dilemma. I've helped numerous guys in this same position, ask for nothing in return. I'll be content with helping you out.

Try it... I did and now I love being bi...certainly adds to sexual excitement :-)