Satin, Kimonos & Make up nudist!

Hello new here so not sure where to post this is a bit of a multi tread! hope thats ok!

Anyone else got a major fetish for satin? I now have nearly all the satin Kimonos thats LH have ever made got for the wife but now i seem to wear them more normally followed with masturbation in front of her!

Also cant resist the slow challenge w**k while she puts on make up, lippstick lipgloss or liner being the biggest turn on just me being a werido??

Finally can i say if ayone needs to supercharge there sex drive have a nudist beach visit! ideally warm and abroad, I can also confirm if my experience that normal reaction erections are i 99.9% cases completey OK! just dont get carried away!

Make up works for us. I generally keep it on if I think anything is going to happen. But OH likes it when I apply it - I pick a point in the process and apply a lipstick using a compact handbag mirror...

MsR you sure your not my wife!!!! Lol