Most of the time it him doing all the work. I want to be able to finally please him other than a bj. I'm not very good at riding, awkward, so that's out of the question. Are there other ways to pleasure him? Help!!

I'm not sure if you mean foreplay or actual sex or both?

Have you tried a body to body massage? Messy but worth it.
Or how would a strip tease be recieved?

I see you've put a post about bondage could he be the sub instead?
Off course you could introduce a toy i.e a stroker.

As you actual sex what positions have you tried?

You could be the one doing all the work in doggy if you practice a bit, my OH loves that :)

Well if you get that restraint kit that you mentioned in your other thread, tie him to the bed and blindfold him then tease with dragging things accross his body , even household items such as wooden spoons, silk scarves . Also place an icecube in your mouth and trail it down his body.

I just think you need to experiment outside the box so to speak. Once you have done all these let him take you in the normal way for penatrative sex.

I think that when you say that you aren't any good at riding you are probably doing yourself a dis-service, if you watch porn and see how they ride the guy then the chances are you are not the same as that, they are super fit and seem to have a sub human ability to keep going! If you compare yourself to a pornstar then we will probably always fall short.

I have felt inadequate with my riding skills but had a revelation this weekend! My ex has a problem with substance abuse and so it took a lot of stimulation for him to orgasm so he said that it pointless me riding him as he couldn't cum from it. Leaving me with very little confidence in my riding ability.

Whereas for my new man and I it's our favourite position and I have had more orgasms during sex with him in 6 months than I did for 13years with my ex!

I asked him why it's always me doing the work and he said that he has always been used to doing more of the work but as I do it so well then he loves it that I do! - this was a revelation to me!! In reality I can't going like they do and I do stop to get my breath back and he grips my hips to help me!

There are plenty of things you can do to please your man but I just didn't want you to compare yourself to a pornstar and feel inadequate xx

When the woman is on top I find it very stimulating if she raises herself so that only the tip of my penis is just in her vagina and wiggles a bit until I'm almost cumming and then plunges me deep inside her for ejaculation. Often the ladies cum through this exercise as well.

I'm sure your riding skills are better then you think and plus your man will love the view he gets while your sat in all your glory above him with breast exposed and easily able to see your face ect please don't under estimate the other factors that will be turning him on. I'm sure you do more then you relies when riding him.and i find it actually help so much to get up on to your feet when riding as my hips have not been great due to having a baby not long ago.
i find it difficult to keep going on knees using hips. but..get onto your feet and you can use your whole body to help your back ass and hips legs muscle to lift and plunge this let's you stimulate the sensitive tip of his penis and feel lots of simulation just inside the entrance to yr vagina where it's more sensitive to. then plunge when you wish.
I often squirt very hard doing this. It drives my man wild feeling the warmth hit him at such a high powered speed as gravity is also on your side. To rest for a few seconds you can also turn to get into reverse cow girl Alowing you a quick sexy straighten of the legs.even lift of go down and suck between that will make him go crazy having had you plunge on his cock then go down and suck on him where your juices have been this can by you rest time in a very sexy way .

A very slippery, wet, lubey (is lubey a word) hand job, maybe tie him up first?

I have a lot of trouble on top. I can go for a short while but I have issues with my hips so need to shift a lot to stop the pain. I asked my husband if it bothers him and he says no, he'd rather take me from behind to stare at my bum anyway! Have you spoken to him about it?

luvved up cupple wrote:

A very slippery, wet, lubey (is lubey a word) hand job, maybe tie him up first?

+1 plus put a lubey, (great word) finger up his bum.