Scared newbie says hello

Thought I would spice up our sex life buying some bits from here and thought I would say hello at the same time! Hope they hurry up and arrive so I can use and review them......

Heya, welcome to the forums

Hello and welcome x

Hi, welcome to the forums =)

hello :) *waves*

hi welcome

Please don't be scared we are a friendly bunch on this forum.

Welcome and have fun.

HH one of the nbext forums around.

Hi, welcome x

Hi and welcome. Hope you have lots of fun on here.

Mr and mrs Badger.

Welcome and enjoy :)

No need to be scared. If anyone bites, half a dozen others will jump in with reminders on the importance of it all being consensual.

Don't be afraid! We're all friendly here!

Glad to have you on board! Have fun with your new toys ^_^

Hello and welcome. Don't be scared everyone's very nice and friendly here :)

Hello and welcome.. I'm a bit new too

Hello and welcome. Don't be scared, everyone is very lovely. Hope you enjoy your new toys when they arrive too.

Welcome aboard!

Thanks everyone x

Welcome to the forums!

Hiya! Welcome and enjoy!:D