Scottish people unite!

Just wondering how many of you guys are Scottish!

I'll start: I AM!

Me too :) xx

We'll that went well. Hope your better organised for the upcoming referendum.

👍^^ Ron

Ahahahaha, was just a shot in the dark.

And hi Lil!!! Or Horror? What do you prefer? :)

I'm Scottish. *waves* hiiiiiiiii :)

Hello Angel! Your first post as well, I just started being part of the community today! :)

Yeah decided I'd have a look and see what this community lark was all about and then I got distracted by the sale! ![](upload://kym5tZ5EfyJxs6TKHB1Q2HtGSpK.gif) Gotta love a bargain though! Hows the weekend been going?

I'm from Glasgow! Hi!! ^_^

Heyy:) Just whatever you prefer :) xx


Edinburgh here!


Avengers assemble!

Sorry this just reminded me of that. =p


I'm in Edinburgh.

- P

Glasgow here. Southside repreSENT.

I'm wondering what you're going to do when you have United and whether us Englanders have anything to fear.

Not much, I suspect. For all that we invented the modern world (forget the Greeks or Romans), we're a pretty lazy bunch.

I'd tell you how lazy, but I can't be bothered.

Well this is a surprise! Outsde Glasgow here ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Sunny Dumfries ;-)

I have a lot of Scottish in me ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

South Ayrshire way here.

I was just without internet for the last 2 days but was very pleasantly surprised to find so many new responses!!! HELLO EVERYONE!!! I'm from Aberdeenshire myself, hope you've all been enjoying the gorgeous weather lately :)