Searching for a specific toy!

Hello peeps!

I'm looking for quite a specific toy, and I think I'm gonna have to pull in some outside help on this one.

I recieved my grab bag today, and inside there was a vibrator. This vibrator, it's a vibrator inside a plastic shell, which you can remove and then fill with hot or cold water. It feels great! Trouble is, there's something wrong with it because it broke a few minutes in. It still kinda works, but it's stuck on a single speed and I have to take the batteries out to turn it off.

I've been in touch with the LH gods and been told if I send it back they'll send me another toy, but since it's a grab bag toy it's unlikely I'll get the same one.

Now, my dilemna. Do I send it back and risk being sent a different toy I dont like as much, or do I hang onto this semi working toy which I know feels great? My plight would be aided if I could find a different but similar toy but my LH searches have come up blank. I'm looking for a toy which I can preferrably fill with hot water for vaginal use. I've already got glass dildos (dildoes?) and the like which I could heat up, but I really loved the heat of the water, how it holds onto the heat and how easy and convenient it was.

Happy to shop elsewhere if LH dont have what I want, since I'm aware I'm looking fo someting quite specific.


Have you googled the product's name?

Puppies77 wrote:

Have you googled the product's name?

I'm sure I could find a replacement for the toy, but I'm wary since it has funny connectors (I got another toy in my bag with the same connectors, and I'm returning that one as well because it doesn't work at all) that it might end up breaking again.

That's the type of thing I'm searching for, but a vaginal version. I Googled the Touche range but I can't find any others apart from the one LH sell which fill with water (unless I'm just being blind?).

No i've had a look for you and i'm not coming up with anything like that! What's it called? the pheonix vibrator warms up. only problem is that you have to boil it to get the re heating back

The things you re boil to use again are good - i have hand warmers that are the same, but they get very hot! think the tenga hole warmer is the same thing where you click the metal disc to activate it.

Whatever it is Ecks it sounds very interesting! Would like to see what it is! Was there any packaging? Any name we can help search?


is it some thinkg like this but unfortunatly its been discontinued