Secretary Crush

OK so heres the deal. My secretary is leaving and somebody who I have always had a crush on has applied for the job. As some of you will know my weakness is for satin and more recently wet look leggings and every time I see this person you can guess what she is wearing!!!

Any tips on how to approach the subject with her if she gets the position? Its going to be impossible to work if not!!

Do you mean, have a chat with her so she doesn't wear any satin or wetlook? If so not really sure how that conversation would go. Unless you know her pretty well and can be open?

If not would including something about code of dress in her offer of employment or something be an option?

Would you be better off possibly going with another person if it is going to get complicated for you? Or is she the best person for the job?

Good luck, doesn't sound like an easy task

Unfortunately its not my decision who gets the job. Its incredibly tough because I would love to approach her and see a) if there she wanted to catch a film or something or b) i think the dress code would be a good idea...

I will have to see what can be done - its going to be so hard (literally at times lol) if nothing can be done!!

Oh dear, I see the problem if the decision is not down to you. Eek!

Now this is why I love my job, not much chance of anyone turning up in anything remotely erotic when you work in a suprmarket with a standard one for all uniform, lol.

Are you both single and free to mingle? If so maybe it's not too much of an issue. Isn't getting on with the secretary the stuff dreams are made of? Wel maybe not dreams, but some pornos for sure, lol.

theres the other problem - we are not both single! going to be a tough one!!!

haha true amanda!!!

Who said anything about me having a partner? Thats where the feelings come in and why its hard because I am not sure if she has but think she may

its ok lol! yeah I think thats the position....

What a pickle that is then. Well for better or worse, working together if it comes to that, will likely force the issue one way or the other I would imagine. May be best not to dwell on it until you know for sure if it's even an issue, you could be worrying for nothing if she doesn't get the job.

yeah i guess thats true LadyS - well we will see what happens - just the thought of her legs gets me going - i hope she doesnt get it lol!