see through clothing part 2

Hi to all and thanks to all who replied,

We read your messages and took note so thanks.

well, I did it, WOW

we went to a local carvery, the OH had booked a latish table, 9pm, "less kids around" he said, clever boy, I was wearing a black pencil skirt, hold ups, a white blouse and of course no bra, I had a jacket too, just in case.

sat in a corner facing my hubby, start off slowly, the waiter got the first look, I flushed a bit but he seemed happy, so was the OH.

it went on from there really, a few of the other people at the resteraunt could have had a quick glimpse as we walked out but I didnt look at them

Then into town pubbing, kept my jacket on till we got into the pub, it was open and I got the odd glimpse, took my jacket off after we got into the pub, got a few admiring glances, confidence booster or what?

Felt fantastic and free, I wonder if thats the feeling you get at a naturist site?

Anyway, anyone thinking of trying, DO, but please take advice from people on who posted to my first post,

could tell you more about the eve but dont want to bore you lol, but I think you get the jist


i'm so glad you enjoyed it. i would love to do this but i don't think anyone would want to see mine after breastfeeding.

Glad you had fun x

I disagree saucey21, if you want to do it - do it! As a man I can safely say all boobs are great :)

Far from boring! :)

Thank you for the follow up x

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D x

So glad you didn't get arrested or kidnapped ...... and trust that, when you got home, you..... : P

Well done you !

I've done it like you with a very see thru blouse with a jacket, stockings and no knickers with a shortish skirt.

My oh loved it !

I faced the wall in a restaurant and let my jacket come open. The waiter must have got an eyefull which my oh really enjoyed (?). After in a pub I opened my jacket a bit but didn't have the guts to take it off. A few men got a good look but it was mainly for my oh.

I'd recomend it to anyone with the courage to do it, we had a great night !

You should def def def do it its such a buzz