see through clothing


Question for you all, OH wants me to go out with a see through blouse,no bra, says he wants to go for a drink and meal,then into town till the early hours pubbing it, he wants to watch other people looking at me. Not sure if I am brave enough.

Anybody done it? if so, is it worth the nerves? I am sure I will be well rewarded when we return home

Thanks for any help, ooh and I have rec my love egg and will be trying it this weekend, thanks to everyone for advice

Neilshell xx

I suggest doing it, but take another layer of clothing you can wear or not wear, or wear open. That way you can control how much you show off. But it sounds like a great night out :) x

Not done it personally although i can see the appeal.

As noon says perhaps wear something open over the top at least at first just to see how you feel, you can always cover up if you feel uncomfortable. It may be worth doing especially if you are going to a restaurant as you can never be sure what other peoples reactions will be.

I can imagine it'll be a great night if all goes well though :)

I regularly wear see through stuff for my husband when we are at home together, it is a real turn on for both of us, but have not yet tried it when we have gone out. I agree with the advice already given, also you could choose to sit with your back to everyone in the restaurant until you feel comfortable with it. By the time you go pubbing you will have had a couple of drinks which may give you the courage you need to shed your inhibitions, but you should only do what you feel comfortable doing, just ask your OH to be patient, have a great night out!

I haven't done it, but seems like a good idea. Have fun!

Hi NS. ( I take it your post is from the female half in your otherwise 'married male' profile).

Anyway, your question prompted a memory of a woman I knew, who turned up at a social occasion wearing a sort of fish-net top, under which she was very obviously as naked as a jay-bird.

It provoked an interesting reaction amongst the men who knew her. On the one hand, she was obviously trying to project her sexuality, but on the other hand, everyone knew her as being a relatively serious person in a responsible job and that she had a boyfriend. Basically there was a strange sort of inconsistency to it, which left people a bit bemused and perplexed.

I mention it as something to reflect on if you thinking about going 'see-through'. ie It is a pretty 'high impact' thing to do.... and the consequences could be different from what you hoped for.... and for lots of different reasons.

That said....... you are welcome to come around to my local pub, any time.

if your a little unsure why dont you wear a bra that is quite see through its self for example a lace one it might just give you the confidence if you want to try it

I have done this before many times sometimes on purpose and sometimes for the sake of fashion and all times have been great fun but equally i agree with the above points you have to know your own boundaries.

I guess it depends where you are planning on going, I think in a pub later at night, people will be less fussed, however you potentially run the risk of offending people in a restaurant if you are there with your boobs on display. I am the most open person however i wouldn't like to eat a meal near someone with them out... I suppose you run the risk of complaints etc in that environment, whereas pubs late at night are possibly more of an anything goes type place. Is this technically indecent exposure? Not sure if it is, seeing womens boobs on a beach is one thing, in a restaurant quite another...

Boils down to your own comfort, don't be pressured in to doing something you aren't comfortable with, how would you feel if you bumped in to a friend or work colleague for example? This might also sound odd, but perhaps it also depends how big your boobs are? Smaller is perhaps easier and more acceptable, dunno...

Enjoy, whatever you decide...

MrBumcheeks wrote:

See through...?

Wouldn't that be illegal?

I think (not sure so don't take my word for it lol) public nudity is covered under a public order act now so if your not meaning to offend anyone then it's not technically illegal, but if your asked to cover up and you don't then there might be problems.

the wife loves to go out in sheer tops with no bra and lace/mesh mini dresses,the wife loves flaunting her 40d/30/38 figure.

You also have to consider that you might get unwanted attention.

You could get asked to cover up. I certainly wouldnt want to see it if I was sitting at the next table

What if you see someone you know?

What if someone gets too close or keeps staring?

What if someoen takes a photo and posts it online?

The thought of it is a real turn on for me, but not for other people to see, just my hubby, so i would wear something over the top like a wrap or scarf, that i could pull to one side to flash at him

in the summer i wear no bra underneath my see through blouses out on the town to pubs etc, i love it :D People will look and thats something you've got to be ready for, if you're with your OH most men wont come up to you, if he leaves for a few mins they'll come over and try hit on you, just laugh it off as i do. Its a very brave thing to do and quite daring. Make sure you take something along with you to put on underneath as you may get asked to covr up even if its a stunnig bra as your nipples will then be covered. Its a lovely feling of going out free though :D

It sounds like a very sexy idea but as said you should take something to cover up with as the police may not take to kindly to a see through top. I don’t think you would get a criminal conviction but you may end up in a cell for a few hours or forced to cover up.

Also I have seen how some men intimidate and harass girls in short skirts so a see through top may put u in line for unwanted attention.

I understand the appeal, my wife has gone to dinner with me in stockings and a skirt that just covers the tops so as she walks/stretches people can see, there is something about people looking at ur OH that turns people on…. Me included