Sensual male new to this and saying hello to all you sexy people

Hello everyone, I'm a single crossdressing male vey new to all this and on a journey of exploriation with my ever evolving sexuality. I've been in the shadows for too long and am now allowing my desires free expression, so thanks Lovehoney for giving me ther courage to finally do this.

I am also very kinky and very much into fetish and S&M so anyone with similar tastes, please do drop in and say hello. Would love to connect and chat with likeminded people and finally show the world who I am.

Hello welcome and enjoy👍

Hi and welcome:)


Hello and welcome😀

Hi, welcome to the forum :-)

Welcome have fun x

How delicious! Welcome and enjoy your exploration 😘

Hey and welcome! :)

Sound very interesting to me, hello

Hello and welcome!!!

Loha and welcome :)

I'm sure you will find the forums a welcoming place to explore and grow and be who you are and want to be.

Lots of people here that are happy to give advice and share their own experiences if it helps someone to be more confident and happy.

Some great threads are available in the search function to delve into, I've been around a few years and the old posts usually hold a wealth of valuable advice that is still relevant even if the posters themselves are no longer around.

PT x

Hi + welcome

Hi and welcome to the forums.