Sensual massage and carressing tips

Over the years myself and multiple partners have had limited time for sex and sped through foreplay like we were in a race .

As I got older and was under less time constraints I discovered a great stress reliever that also warmed us up nicely was to have you or your partner in a comfotable position and give them an extremely gental massage on whatever parts of their body they wish .

And often with breaks where you ever so lightly without really touching them caress all over their body .

I personally like to kiss her all over , ever so lightly and near the end do lite kisses along her neck and nibble a bit on her ear lobes .

I love the same , especially when she runs her hands from my shoulders and down my chest with a little extra on my nipples . Then caress my abs and sliding along my hips and inside of my thighs while her arm brushes my manhood .

There are a million ways you can do it , along with whatever end result you wish . From relaxing for a good nights sleep to getting worked up and primed for a heck of a sexual event .

Oh , BTW , do NOT have the Tv on ! Possibly some easy music and a single drink , along with minimum lighting . As I am over 60 I realise it is important to relax and enjoy life .

Life is too short not to .

Wow , so I guess we are the only ones to enjoy this activity ? People , you are missing out .

I think the reason no one has posted is that you made a statement, of what you do, rather than asked a question. Massage is something that comes up on here quite a bit, usually in the form of members suggesting it to people who are asking for advice, on rekindling, or pepping up a relationship.

Then again it may just not have taken anyones fancy to make a reply to a statement.

Are you asking for tips on doing different things with in massage?

We have a couple of books on the subject bought from Lovehoney. My Mrs has a mass surges costume as well. So yes it is something we enjoy and do. The only argument we have is who gets the mass age.

I love a good massage. I need to get giving the hubby one more often to be honest. He tends to massage me as a pain reliever. Sometimes he goes sensual and things get heated up for some nice fireworks. A lot of the time though it’s generallh medicinal.

Massage is wonderful! Sensual and medicinal. They kind of go together. It's a great relaxer and stress buster, and if it's touching on the sensual, and brushing against the sexual, it's a great starter for further play. I love giving and receiving, both asexually and sexually.

And yes, I too think you didn't get much response because you made a statement. Is there a question in there somewhere?

No question , just a topic and possibly sharing tips .