separate nipple clamps or chains?

Hi, we are just starting to get into bondage, my girlfriend has 34FF tits and largish nipples when erect, she loves having them pinched and squeezed. We are looking to buy some nipple clamps but when on top of me they do go wild, reading reviews a lot fall off has anyone any recommendations please?

Personally I would suggest the fully adjustable ones (they screw tighter) and its easier to control the pressure. Good luck.

Thanks so much for that, we can't wait to see them on her and, am probably getting ahead of myself here but if good would like to try one for her clit eventually...first things first though!

Hi Dave - I have tried various clamps and these really are the best ones I have found:

They are very easy to use - simply slide the metal ring downwards, towards the beads. This will make the tweezer open up, allowing you to place the rubber tips around your nipple. You can then tighten them as much or as little as you like by moving the metal ring upwards, which is great for making 'adjustments' while in the middle of things.

Sensations vary depending on the pressure you choose to apply, from 'barely there' to 'Ouch!'

Not being into pain myself, when taken off they do cause a lot of 'sensation' - so do beware of the amount of time/tightness that you use with these.

Hope this helps :) xx

The screw tight are a pain for me (having larger tits) They either don't fit or the ones big enough don't stay in place. I prefer the larger croc' clips... but most of them pack a punch lol

Hi everyone I havent used nipple clamps before and I'm wondering what are good starter nipple clamps? I am a size 32C with normal sized nipples.

Briohne wrote:

Hi everyone I havent used nipple clamps before and I'm wondering what are good starter nipple clamps? I am a size 32C with normal sized nipples.

Hey Hun - I think my previous post ^^ would also be suitable for you too :) xx

Briohne wrote:

what are good starter nipple clamps?

Any clamps with an adjustment screw would be best, that way you can control how much pressure they exert - such as these:

One of the first clamps that we tried were these:

Although not adjustable, they have a wide grip area and the spring isn't very strong so they're not as uncomfortable as they look. We found it best to use them horizontally on the nipple rather than vertically though.

Oh okay thank you very much Scorpius12 and 5mil! I just spent quite a bit of money on sex toys but I suppose adding nipple clamps wouldn't hurt ;) excuse the pun.

Thanks to you all Scorpius, Horny glass lover and 5 mil...Scorpius I didn't notice those before just saw the 50 shades version but we do like the idea of the weights if she's in top or if we go doggy. H.G.L I think we'll take it easy at first and Briohne, we'll have to swap notes!. I've heard the nipples quite tender after but kissing and ice can help.....all sounds good :)

I have these as Im not a pain bunny and they can be adjusted as tightly as you can manage. The clit clamp can be detached and the chain is also long enough to be attached to a collar if you so wish! Im 5 foot 5 inches tall for reference.

Thanks lilmiss frustrated my girlfriends not into pain, well up to a point, she enjoys having her nipples bitten and squeezed but only so far....when I go down on her i've sucked gently, bitten and pulled on her clit which she enjoys...does sound a bit extreme but she would like to try the sensation, you don't keep it on for that long I presume? 5mil, we love the look of the crossover nipple chains and like the contrast of the black metal against her pale skin. Thanks again.

dave222426 wrote:

you don't keep it on for that long I presume?.

About 20 minutes is usually the recommended maximum, atthough I see on another thread some people claiming to have worn them for hours. I wouldn't recommend that as I think there are potential dangers of loss of circulation if you keep them on for too long.

And be gentle when you release them - the sensation is exquisitely intense!

Thanks 5mil, we're going to start off with those crossover clamps as I said, would look good against her skin and she prefers the look of the rubber tips to the metal to start. Going to have to control myself not to give the chain a tug though!...and it sounds like taking them off is as good....will have to take loving care with her....and a cream to rub in...we can't wait :)