Serious Sex or Fun Sex?

I was wondering how many of you are into serious sex? Are you someone who would get into hardcore sex OR are you the kind of person who would do fun things so sex doesnt get too serious?

Tbh... I have wasted too many years with a man that made sex a chore... Or at worst downright a turnoff or non existant.... So now free of the fetters of a marriage... I am looking to expand my reportoir as much I dare... Admittedly those sort of very adventurous exploit s are most likely to happen with "a not get too serious relationship..." Settle down guys tend to be a bit more reserved band stable... Safe for won't of a better word.
We all crave a bit of danger, and risk taking, and that would usually fall in the category of a" not to serious relationship".
If I find a combo of both, as well as be close to my kids( still at school so long distance relationships would be problematic) I would be chuffed.
There's still life in this gal yet... And I intend to make the most of it๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‡
If I find an adventurous guy who is also settle down material.... I am sure we could turn up the heat so to speak๐Ÿ˜‰

I think you can be into both. Sometimes it can start off as a bit of fun but as things progress it can become more intense.
I quite like the variety :)

Personally speaking i have never had a sex session which would have turned serious. I always find something silly to do to make a fool out of myself lol. But who cares as long as you have fun :)

I agree that enjoyment is the main priority whether serious or just fun :-)

Like both depending on the mood we're in, sometimes what starts as fun can end up intense and vice versa. Like they say variety is the spice of life n all that so no strong preference either way for me

Just depends on plans and the mood one or both of us are in. Pleasuring my wife taking time to tease her and make relax sometimes has to be serious to get it just right for her mood. Other times like a quickly are just fun.

So like most people it depends I would say 60% serious 40% fun. If my wife is ravishing me with 100% of her attention and she is edging me I'd have to say it's 100% serious. Come to think of it though there have been a couple of occasions when I came to soon and it went from a serious to hilarious just by her saying" OH you naughty boy". So we do like a laugh in be, normally wind orientated.

fun sex unless we're doing some bondage, then it start serious and still ends up fun.

Both. I like it being fun and serious at the same time.