Sex addict

My ex wife used to be such a prude with sex, I used to talk to her about going to a swingers club or joining a website to meet other people who enjoyed sex as much as I did. But she was dead against it. Sex got so bad that we were lucky to have sex 10 times a year, and when we did she would be scrolling through her phone while I fucked her doggy style. In the end I ended up shagging one of her friends and that was the end of our marriage! Has anyone else ever been accused of being a sex addict for having sexual thoughts about having sex with other couples?


Yes. I have and do.


Whilst you aren’t a sex addict, I don’t think you have a healthy view of sex at all and that’s something you l should probably work on, be that therapy or there’s loads of good educational content online these days.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a lot of sex, nor wanting to have sex with multiple people but the same is true for the reverse. It sounds like you just had mismatched sex drives with your ex wife. It sounds like she is monogamous, so the idea of you having sex with others wouldn’t be something she was ok with and honestly, if you were pushing for that or sex generally, that is likely to reduce her want to have sex with you even more.

If she was on her phone during sex, she clearly didn’t really want to be having it and was just doing it to appease you. At best that makes her a human fleshlight, and worst that is really problematic.


I personally don’t think that makes her a prude just because she didn’t want to be in an open relationship/marriage.
I’m not surprised she went off sex if that’s all your focus was on.
I also don’t condone cheating in relationships so yer it definitely sounds like you weren’t well matched at all.


@Cuck1873 - I’m a self confessed sex addict - I just love sex and sexual related things - from the age of about 29 I was opened up to a lot more and just cannot get enough- I love both the male and female body and find it fascinating his both Malians female enjoy orgasms :lovehoney_heart:


Pretty addicted to sex here too. Can’t get enough of both male and female sex, and it doesn’t matter how much I have, I don’t tire of it and want more. Almost the opposite of 25 year old me!


I’m pretty much the same.Closer to 70 than 60 years old but pretty much every day some sort of action.

I wouldn’t say that’s a sex addict, more like you was sex deprived and so your mind ran wild with all the rings you wanted to try and explore