Sex after six months

although a long time ago now the events of that evening remain clear and fresh in my mind as if it had happened yesterday. It was the first time my partner and i slept together, we'd been together for over a week and i had been single for 6 months prior so as u can imagine it was an earth shattering experiance let me explain. Very slowly and gradualy i could feel a warn rush of something vaugely famillier creeping over me, something i hadnt felt for a long time then suddenly i was grabbed by my orgasm totaly under her control it gripped me like a vice, physicaly shook my whole body and refused to let go. I could feel myself trembeling totaly at the mercy of the sensations that tingled warmly through not only my body but my also my soul and it just went on and on as one orgasm was ending anoher one was starting immdiately it was like one 15 minute orgasm.
I think that was how i fell in love with my girlfriend and i know that was the best orgasm of my far

i'd like to give u the ultimte orgasm