Sex and Knitting (When Two Worlds Collide …)

Thought I’d share a brief exchange that made me smile from an experience with my wife earlier this week … it speaks to the fact that regular life, differing interests and levels of desire, and being a bit older can all get in the way of horny spontaneity. But sometimes if you give things a push good things can (literally) to those who ask … nicely of course … and who can wait their turn!

Im upstairs in our bedroom, worked up into a very horny state after a new LH delivery. I text my wife, who’s downstairs …

Me: Babe, I need your mouth on me real bad … can you come up please … in a bad kinky way … sorry x

Her: six very short rows to go!

5 minutes later she appears and proceeds to sort me out!

I LOVE my wife!


Did you give her a “purl” necklace? :thinking:


Haha, genius!

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@TheEroticNeurotic50sMale . :joy: ive got yhis mental image of your Mrs sitting on you cow girl like, knitting away…sorry i know thats just wrong.


Or facesitting him whilst she is knitting :rofl:

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Face sitting is wonderful with any activity :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It shows the world we live in when we text someone who is downstairs rather than walking down stairs to talk to them. :laughing:

@Iwill @KinkyMira i think the How To guides on knitting might need an update :joy:

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I was in no state to even leave the room :joy:

Just shows how us women can multitask :blush: or brings a new meaning to ‘she sucks at knitting’


@Amunique haha, so true! Just need to keep the needles out of the way :scream::grinning:

:joy::joy: definitely, or you might end up in stitches too :see_no_evil::joy: