Sex and pregnant!

Firstly sorry if there is a post about this already I couldn't really find what I was looking for.

7 weeks ago I found out I'm having another little bundle of joy! Was a total shock after having some bad experiences already in pregnancys.
I already had a child who was with a pervious partner, but my oh has brought him up as his own so this is his first full on pregnancy.

The problem now is we have only done it once since we have found out. The first couple of weeks I found it a massive turn on that after so long that this baby was actually doing well ( so far fingers crossed ) but even still after giving hint after hint he doesn't seem to be interested. I don't know if it's just a blokes thing?? It's strange as we wanted it for so long and now it's finally happened sex has just completely stopped as if to say he's done his job, when normally we have a crazy sex life. Now I feel as if I can't be bothered and always seem to be going to bed early on my own.

Despite talking about it's still "ok" to have a sex life while pregnant it hasn't seem to made any difference.

Any tips please or maybe give up any buy myself a new treat haha

Every guy is different and every guy reacts to the news that their partner is pregnant diferently. There can be many different reasons why he is being turned off from the psychological to the phisiological (studies show that male partner hormons also take a ride during their partners pregnancy).

I guess as long as you are talking and open about it there is hope, he may just need some time.

Oh and congratulations!!!

Hi DB, some blokes get hang ups over it, especially if you have had some issues with pregnancy before. Just can't get there head around how it want effect it. It's all down to mechanics, how can I put this in there and be so close to the baby and not effect it. Keep talking to him, some blokes over night go from seeing their sexy partner too, she is the mother of my child.

Another potential issue for men is the gravity of bringing a another human into this world. The enormity of this can be very daunting. I saw this a the biggest thing anyone can do in life. They will be dependant on you for 16 years ,will I be a good father?

Many congrats, I hope you bloom and have a happy sexy pregnancy, with our 2nd child my wife was as horny as hell this made even more sexy to me. So there is hope keep talking to him and try the you'll be a great Dad line.

congratulations !
MyOH was convinced he was going to hurt our first baby until I got him to look online at some sites with men telling their views on pregnancy and after a while he came to terms with it and found it a massive turn on ! I hope you have a happy sexy pregnancy :)


I've heard that pregnancy either makes women SUPER horny, or not wanting any sex at all - so I guess you got lucky!

You say that he still doesn't understand despite you giving 'hint after hint'.

In my experience, men...just.....aren't that good with hints.

Try telling him outright that you want to have sex. Initiate it! I doubt he'd be able to resist you then! Show him links on the internet that explain that it's normal and healthy to have sex during pregnancy. Maybe even show him your OP on this thread?

I have nothing to say on this matter as I have never been pregnant BUT a big congratulations :D

I would post a link but it would probably against the rules. So I'd suggest look up "A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex" and skip to 1h 35mins for the guide to pregnant sex. There is explicit content in parts of video.

Thankyou everyone for the congrats! :) xx

Defiantly will hav to find something online I didn't even think of that really! Hopefully will kick him bum back into gear xx

Thankyou will have a look at it tonight and let u know later ones the horror is in bed :)

I had the same issue with hubby both times I was pregnant. He could never get his head around the facct that it wasn't going to hurt the baby.

If it's any consolation he is an excellent dad - always putting the kids first!

Oh and if he's worried about hurting you or the baby you can tell him that stodies show that couples who regularly have sex during pregnancy are more likely to carry to term

Well I'm glad it's not only me! Defiantly reassured me loads, was beginning to think it was just me! You guys give such good help! X

Well I'm glad it's not only me! Defiantly reassured me loads, was beginning to think it was just me! You guys give such good advice x

Do you know what episode please flaneur? X

If you see the 4 hour one, you can skip to 1 hour 35.

It's episode 3 right at the end.

Brilliant I found it. Was pretty interesting, this is really gonna help thankyou xx

My friends partner was the same and just wouldnt sleep with her, she ended up really down about it and it was actually her midwife spoke to him. He still.didnt get it at first but she said one day it was just like a flick was switched he cant keep his of her. Congrats and.good luck xx

My husband was totally fine with our first, and I carried to full term. The second time around I didn't get to full term, and we lost our baby. The third time I was classed as being a high risk pregnancy, and because we lost a baby he was very nervous about it, and I'll admit I was too! We spoke to our midwife about it and she assured us both that it would be fine, even in a high risk pregnancy, she said it was beneficial because it gets the blood pumping around and said it would probably help the babies rather than hurt them. I would recommend you both speaking to your midwife, she will know your pregnancy well and know if there's any issues that you both need to be aware of. I think it will help coming from a professional. It certainly helped us. Congratulations, and good luck xx

Congrats! I have recently had a baby and it is probably due to the fact that he is in still in shock over the news I think men take much longer than women to come round to the idea because the baby is not inside of them. He may actually end up finding it a huge turn on when you have a bump but in the mean time you could always try talking sexually to him about how he has impregnated you etc. to make him feel more masculine and in control, just keep trying to inititate it and something will happen in the end.

Also I dont know if this is true but I was told by midwife that glass dildos or ones made of hard plastic shouldn't be used when you're pregnant.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)