Sex before a smear test?

As per the title really - is it OK? Have a smear booked for tomorrow (11am) and was wondering if it might have any bearing on the result. Don't really want to cancel the Sunday night (or, indeed, Monday morning!) sesh! Do you reckon I'll be alright If I operate the 'on me, not in me' policy? Google can't seem to decide on a definitive answer. Some sources say it's fine, others say no nookie for 24 hours previous. I will be asking the nurse tomorrow for her opinion anyway, then I'll know for next time :-) .

Also - ladies book your tests when you get that letter, it's super important. Though I still maintain they should offer some kind of incentive/reward scheme, like Boots or Nectar points for attending. Last time I got an 'I was brave' sticker! LOL!

Ok so sex before a smeer test will not make any difference to the results. The test is on your cells, regardless of the presence or absence of seamen. So if you want to go ahead and enjoy sex, penetratively or otherwise.

Personally I wouldn't, but that's because I wouldn't want to embarrass myself or the nurse when she is taking the sample, but that's just me. Weather you do or not will not affect the results.