Sex drive and depression

Hi guys, not sure if the topic already exists on hear. Sorry if it does.
I have been on antidepressants for nearly two years now, in those two years me and my oh have not really had much sex. Over the past three weeks something has changed in me, I'm like a woman possessed , sex is all I think about. I have taken up solo playing as it is to much for my oh. Has anyone else gone through or is going through this. Would really appreciate your comments and tips

Hi Nancy,

Not something I an comment on as it's not a position I've ever been in. There was an interesting thread about it recently though. Take a look here

Thanks MrJay will have a look now


I understand, I suddenly started withg panic attacks and terrible anxiety last summer, the doc prescribed Citalopram...I instaantly lost all desire for sex when taking them which was devastating as my partner was used to my usual high sex drive. This went on for the best part of 4 months and then all of a sudden..bam! it came back! I havent changed my dose or anything, but everythings just gone back to normal. I havent bothered to question just happy :) xx

That's great misslizzy :-) I'm just worried that my sex drive will disappear again. I'm going to try not think about it and enjoy it while it lasts :-) x

Did you have a healthy sex drive before you became depressed/started the medication? Ive just come to the conclusion that my sex drive dissapeared due to anxiety and because the tablets have cured the anxiety then my sex drive has returned (if that makes sense lol)

I think as long as you keep on top of your depression then you should be ok. xx

I was on anti-depressants for two years, and my libido disappeared along with them. It's pretty much sorted now, but it can still be tempermental - I go through phases of being really obsessed or really indifferent to sex.

I hope that your sex drive is more stable and is now back for good!