Sex Drive Dive

Appologies if this is somthing that has been posted and comented on loads but if anyone has any adivce i would really apriciate it!

So, as the title suggests my labido has nose dived! I cant even bring myself to play with myself! I have had a rough 6 months (move, friends death, bothersom heath issues) witch has not helped my anxiety at all.

Me and my OT have been together for 2+ years and up until recent months had a great sex life. Now things are starting to settle down for me, i'd hoped my sex drive would kick back up, but no joy.

Has anyone got any experience or advice? Thanks in advance. x

I had alot of things happen to me from 1990 onwards. Both my OH and myself lost interest. As Ive said in other posts, we have at last got some kind of sex life back, when things happen they take their toll on us, sex drive is one thing that goes. Not saying it will take so long for you. Cuddles and kissing are important too. It will come back, try to stop getting anxious over the fact that its not their,relax in each others company. Im sure others will have more advice for you too.

Weve been married 43 years, and stuck together thru 20 yrs of non existant sex