Sex drive

What is the best way to build my sex drive

ooo there are lots of old wives tales about certain aphrodisiacs increasing sex drive, like oysters and chocolate and herbal remedies and stuff. but i find exposing myself to things i find sexy more often makes me have an appetite for it more often. I love porn and have seen a few people get addicted to it but normalising sexual feelings as part of your everyday routine gets me hornier.

the really important question is why do you feel you need to increase it? is it for a partner or just in general? is there anything holding you back from being more sexual?

I agree take more in of what turns you on, Always works for me but then i don't really need it building lol

My partner

Itd for my partner she doesn't feel ad much up to iy

Hi Jordan,

Please elaborate on what it is you are seeking advice on. It is very hard for a forum to help someone who is leaving little no information on what they need guidance with.

Looking at your past threads, this seems to be a regular occurrence too.

Please do take a look at other threads to get an idea on the best way to seek out advice and also have a search on the topic you are wanting to speak about, you may find an answer in past posts.