sex drought is over!

O Yeah Mr Minxy has now cooled down enough to heat things up!!!! If yesterday is anything to go by it's shaping up to be a damn fine weekend :) Quite right too....the boy has catching up to do - heh heh

Thanks Ruth, I intend to! He'll wonder why he waited so long he he

Good for you minxy - I was fast asleep in bed by 10.30 last night, but unfortunately not from being worn out by any bedroom action.

I think I'm going to have to lure hubby into the shower later, or get the massage oil and roller massager out, trouble is a massage zonks him out instead of perking him up, it's easy to slip when your hands are all oily though, eh?

He sounds like he's in a vile mood at work , half his staff haven't turned in and he's unlikely to be home before 4pm, I've had to go food shopping alone, bah . I'm really quite grumpy today too.

Nice one Minxy!

They're throwing a sickie then LL due to the good weather! Classic.

SG69 x

Go you minxywitch

Still a famine here though - that's what happens when the Orgasm Army becomes the Stomach Battalion LOL.

good for you famine here now for two weeks pmt and late nights at work bad bad humour all around and im working tonight!!!!lease some body any tips for us or its off for the biggest rabbit i can find sorry hubby

This is a gooood weekend! I'm very much enjoying having a sex slave/house boy - wonder how long that will last?

Let's just say the boy is doing good things! Plus we've had the fun of a box of goodies delivered from LH on Saturday morning! Too perfect - almost like I planned it!

He still has alot of work to do before I forgive him tho.....