Sex in a field

once me and my boyfriend went to walk the cat in a big field that had trees all around it. it was very secluded. it was a hot day. i had a mini skirt on and he was in shorts. i went down 2 pick up a stick to throw for the cat when my head brushed by his crotch. he got notably excited. so, after checking the coast was clear, i puled his shorts down and blew him away quite literally. he then lay me down on a bail of hay and and inserted his huge manhood inside me. my nipples were so hard. hmmm the best orgasm ever

sounds gud :) i lost my virginity in a fied but it didnt quite go like yours lol

^_0 you walked the CAT...just curious but did the cat bring the stick back ? :S

So that was 2 pussies excersized in one outing huh? ;-)

ahahah you lucky thing!
i love adventurous sex but have never actually done anything like it, OH is strictly bedroom only kinda bloke :(

Outdoors is loads of fun, in the woods in a secluded part was fun.
In the snow adds another dimension too!

I've had sex in a train - twice. That's really good fun!

In the sea is good! Or on a beach (you get used to the sand after a while)!

I done the sea and a lift in one night both are good fun.

But the lift thing cant last long :S Did u even climax ?
In the sea is a fun thing ^^ Feilds not good I get eten by insects!!

i,ve done it in the field as i couldn,t wait to get home as my partner was fingering while on the bus,you can image i was alredy turned on by now and thier was no way i was waiting and till i got home,as when we got of the bus we had to cross the fields,great turn on and i even got my partner to give me a fanny lashing with his tougne,i have done in empty buildings but that wasn,t as much fun and pleasure ,i haven,t had sex on the beach,but that is one of the things i want and will try,but it has to be in a hot country were i can be at it all night long.OOH That sound like heaven to me.CAN,T WAIT.

Tracey didnt insects bite you ??? Whenever I try it outside I get bitten..... or am I trying the wrong time of the year..
We have ad loads of sex in the car with I love cos its almost like the out doors just in a car... we did it close to bonfire night in the car and we could see fireworks which kind of fitted nicely with the occation.

we used my partner,s jacket,so i had something to lay on ,without getting bitten by any insects,and if i did get bitten ,i wouldn,t have felt it while i was having a good time,epsically when my pussy was getting a fanny lashing,when i done it,it was in the winter time,next time,why don,t you chuck a blanket in the car and that way when you want to do it in the fields,you have something to lay on,and hopefully the insect will leave you alone. but if you enjoy doing it in the fields,and the insects still bite you,i would still carry on doing in the field,as the sounds of it ,you were having your own fireworks going off,why let insects get in the way when your having great time,as in the car,it may be warmer,but as you know,very little space and room to move about,if i was you ,i would carry on doing it in the fields,and enjoy the fireworks.

The most romantic outdoor sex I've had was on top of a Dartmoor tor, on the night of a full moon (yes, I howled - but not for that reason ;-), overlooking the sea.

I was at a cabin, near a public lake, for the weekend with friends. My "secret" girlfriend and I went for a walk around the cabins and was looking for a place to fuck. We were so horny and was having no luck finding a place, so.....I found a tree with a wide girth. It was about 75 yards, in direct view, of another cabin that appeared to be vacant. I leaned against the tree, dropped my shorts, spread my legs, opened my pussy wide, and she licked and bit my clit while finger fucking me into one of the best orgasms I have ever had! I occasionally opened my eyes and looked at the cabin that was standing almost in my face to see if anyone was watching me getting fucked. This really turned me on!! The curtains never moved in the windows. I then returned the favor to my girlfriend. We then walked back to our cabin as if nothing unusual happened, and continued the weekend with friends.

....I was waiting for the line "then we saw someone behind the curtain peeping at us." Oh well.

I loooove sex in the great outdoors and as soon as there's enough sun my hubby wants to go somewhere, anywhere and feel the sun on his rear. We've so often had amazing fucking sessions in forests, but I guess the best was on the beach at Paignton, at the end near the cliffs where there are huge boulders, enough to partly hide our lower halves, but enough to be able to let anyone further away use their imagination to know full well what's going on. It's a fantastic turn on especially with my tits bared for anyone to see. Yes, it's allowed there, or was!

The bared tits I mean, not sex!

Usually baring tits outdoors leads to sex! At least it does for me!

giving my man a blow job while he was driver was brill!then finding anywhere to finish off! day time or night time,and what bang thats was!

i cant say anything from personal experiance but my friend and her partner have had sex in a cave, lol they go rambling quit a lot and found a lovely little cave on top of a mountain so they had a gloriouse view