Sex in general

I find sex to be an essential and beautiful thing be it straight, gay, or bi. I’m married but very open minded and am attracted to men as well. Some would call me bisexual and that’s fine. I just consider myself very open minded and sexually adventurous, lol. I don’t mind wearing a label though, really. I think the make and female body is beautiful as long as it’s taken care of within reason. I’m into BBW but I like my men fit. I look forward to hearing from those alike.


Me and OH have a enjoyable and healthy sex life and both compatible but we don’t see it has top priority and we don’t base our relationship just on sex.

I know some link sex and love together. But if we don’t have sex, we show love in other none sexual ways.

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Perfectly understandable. I should’ve included love in there. It’s of course beautiful too but not always essential.