Sex in long term relationship

How do you keep the sex regular?

My OH and I have been together over a year and now live together and it seems more difficult to find time to have sex.

Any advice?

When you say you dont get time to have sex is this due to the fact work gets in the way?

I think you both have to make some time for each other. Make time and have fun. sex is very important in marriage. I think you just have to make time for both of you if you can. Mebe go on dirty holiday or something like this.

Hope this helps.

My boyfeiend and I have been together for 2 years, been living together since August.

It definitly changed things once the first 'honeymoon' excitment is over (When all you want to do is have sex, can't stop touching each other etc)

We just tried a variety of things, toys, lubes, different places(like in the car, the kitchen), made it a bit more romantic(with massages, candles etc) and then sometimes making it a lot more dirty(with dressing up, whips etc)

My boyfriend and I have been together less than year he's officially been moved in for almost a month but he stayed at mind nearly every night anyway. No problems so far.

I think the amount of sex decreases in most relationships once you're past the honeymoon period. I know that my partner and I had sex five or more times a day when we first got together and were exploring each other, but now that we know each other better, we have found that leaving the sexual tension to build up can be so much better than being constantly at it. We tend to engage in other types of sex on a regular basis (we're currently distanced, but will engage in some form of play at least three to four times per visit - which averages at around five to seven days).

In regards to your situation, I think you have to communicate with your partner about your needs, desires and most importantly, find that time to spend with each other. Is there time you spend together doing nothing significant that could be used for intimacy instead?

Definitely all about communication. My OH can get easily distracted especially while we're apart, focussing on other projects. I don't do the same (lifes not as interesting maybe...) so I miss him and need more from him sometimes. All I have to do is make him understand that and realise he's been distant and he steps up the game. Honesty and working out what you both need is the way to go :)

All long term relationships have a honeymoon period, and there's always going to be things that get in the way (exhaustion or stresses from work, kids(!) etc).

For us it's health I suppose. My partner takes meds for depression which can wildly affect her sex drive. Sometimes she'll have what we'd consider a normal sex drive, then sometimes she'll go weeks without feeling any desire whatsoever. I've wondered in the past whether to suggest to her to maybe speak to the doc to see if there are any other ssri's that might not have this 'side effect' (for want of a better phrase), but then I always realise I'm just being selfish. In terms of importance my own rampant sex drive is insignificant compared to her wellbeing, and her feeling balanced. There's always my imagination, and a good ol' wank 😂

For us romance is key.
And figure out how your partner shows love
For my wife spending time together is her number 1 way to show love whereas mine is sex or gifts, stuff like that
If I make time, show love, candles and massages then it's like our honeymoon all over again

Depends on what you mean by regular. I found it was easy for us to get wrapped up in work, home chores etc and then just crash in front of the tv. Before you know it it's bed time and we both just need to sleep.

However, making time at the weekend when there was a possibility of a lie in was a good place to start. Our forget about that box set on a week night. Have an early shower and tell your oh you shall be waiting for them afterwards!

Different toys/ Different underwear/ different positions and fantasies

Always agree to have you time

My and my partner have lived together for over 6 yrs and we've never really had a problem even with having 3 kids and both of us working different times of the day. But what I think helps us is that we always go bed together at the same time(I know a lot of couples tend to go bed at different times) and we never go straight to sleep we will either have a chat an a cuddle of give each other a nice massage wherever the other one is a bit sore or achy. Also Netflix amd chill in bed always leads to sex :p

I was with someone for 4 and a half years but we never had a problem with having less sex. We'd still go through spells of having it more sometimes and less others but it never stopped. We'd get up together in a morning and go to bed together whether we needed to or not but we always made that time for eachother to start and end the day with pillow talk and put the world to rights.

No matter what happened the rest of the day that was our time, probably a good 80% of out sex came in either of them periods but it was more than just sex. It was our time to have that connection and be intimate whether it be to talk, cuddle, have sex or whatever.

What about agreeing on a regular date night where you go out together and do something together? It doesn't have to be anything expensive. The main thing is taking the time out to be together, enjoy yourselves and see where things go as a result of that time together having made that effort to be together for each other.