Sex last night

Had a fantastic fuck last night with the missus. After I had watched her wanking for about 30 minutes, I fucked her from on top whilst she had a bullet against her clit. We both came at the same time and it was pretty cool. Just thought I would share that with you.

Wow rampant couple, the site is pretty much all about sharing. Sounds like my experience at the weekend, as l lay on the sofa with she who must be obeyed, and a pot of body butter. As she stuffed my cock into her mouth l gradually worked coco-butter into her spine-lower back-arse cheeks...and then you guessed it her rusty bullet hole. Played around for quite a while while she worked her way through a significant part of the new Orgasm Army collection of dildos/butt plugs etc, l had just taken delivery of.Several screaming orgasms later we took up position at the back of the sofa. With her legs spread as wide as they go l lowered my cock, as it tends to stand pretty upright when fully erect, and nudged it into her arse. Not too easy initially as the area was pretty well lubricated albeit tight, and l kept sliding over the entrance. However all good things worth waiting for and finally l sank in balls deep to her cavern. Almost wished l had had a camera, it was a nice sight. I took her moans and whimpers as encouragement for my effort, and was a little suprised when she came. 40 next month, and been around the block if you know what l mean, but the first anal orgasm she has had! The 4 hour prelude l believe was the culprit on this occsasion. Still rampant couple do keep up the good work, and please do remember to let us know how it goes.
tallboy. xx

Mmmmm! My hubby and I are anal virgins but he keeps hinting and I'm very curious. Any hints or tips?

Hints are keep it well lubed... maybe try a very small anal probe or butt plug, a finger or small dildo..or even better work from the smallest up to the biggest ... Just lube lube lube!!
and only do it if you are really ready because if you are a little tense it will not be as nice!
My hubby and I have anal alot now and I love it...I find double or clitoral stymulaion helps me along, I havent "O" jet from anal alone!!

I thought I'd sum up several of my recent posts in to one. Since this post was about last night it seems an appropriate place :)

With the cucumber and carrot (for old times sake) at room temperature we settled down in front of the faux fireplace to get funky. Although my 3 for 2 had arrived that day we are keeping those for the next few days (the last of my holiday). After minimal foreplay my wife was wet and so Mr Carrot (about 7" and pleasantly tapered) came out to play. I added some KY to ensure easy penetration (since she is still breastfeeding she can dry up a bit). Whilst I worked away with the carrot she took me in her mouth, kinda 69. Next I KY'd up the cucumber and she started to take that. She was most accommodating, which of course made my hornier still. I love to withdraw a toy and hold it against my own cock to see how it compares. Anyhoo, I was gonna come, taking so much of the cucumber was just too much me. We've been together for fifteen years and I accept that she doesn't like me coming in her mouth. I like to shoot over her lovely breasts rather than her face in all fairness. Anyway, I exclaimed that I was going to come (albeit a bit early for my liking, I usually make her come twice before I release). She said OK and kept me her in mouth. I kept pushing that cuke in to her, feeling that tension as it makes new territory and exploded in her mouth (and then over the new rug (oops) and in to an ear and nostril). The first time she has ever swallowed. There was no expectation to do so, but it's a sign that you never know what's gonna happen. I finished her off with the two orgasms, one with fingers on the g-spot and another via the clitoris straight after. A good night.

I usually shower first, but for some reason DW showered first last night. She went into the bedroom as I shaved and showered. I shaved the top part of my pubic hair real close. I dried off and went into the bedroom. DW was watching a DVD(Bang My Wife) and masturbating with a vibrating dildo. Immediately my dick was hard as a rock as I watched the dildo go in and out of her pussy. Then she said "With the hair shaved around your dick it looks so big". As she continued to masturbate and was getting close to cumming I went down on her licking her clitoris as she started cumming with a wild orgasm. She withdrew the dildo and licked her juices off. Then I noticed that her pussy was trimmed real close and I could see her lips and her clitoris real well. Needless to say my dick was covered with precum. She said "I want to lick that precum off of your dick". I said "Please". She didn't just lick it of she did a great deep throat for a couple of minutes. Wow-my dick was about to explode. Then she put our Penthouse Golden Nugget Vibrating Egg in her pussy and said "Now fuck me deep and hard with your big dick". Fucking with that vibrating egg in her pussy is really wild and hot. She kept saying "Your big dick fills me up". I pushed the vibrating egg in as deep as I could. It felt so good. Then she said "I love the way you fuck". At this point we were both so hot that we both started cumming at the same time filling her with cum. We just lay in each others arms. We each said "That is the best fuck I ever had". Every fuck gets better and better. Then I withdrew my dick and she withdrew the vibrating egg licking the cum off of the egg and then off of my dick. She said "I love your cum". Then off to sleep satisfied.

Um - I just had my lady from behind for an hour. Simple but fun!