Sex Machines

Haha, kids are they not the most fun. We just tell ours to go play video games for a bit and we are good for hours of being left alone lol. Our cover story is we are massaging each other, the wand is just part of it. So it is not that far off from the truth.


We had looked at them before and I was open to try one but didn’t expect my hubby to get me a Motorbunny at Christmas, which he did! He travels for work so I get a lot of opportunity to use it when needed and it has been used many times in the last few months!


Has anyone tried the vibrator pad things you can get that are like the top layer of the Symbian? Are they any good? Would love to try the real thing! Xx

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We have one. We’ve used it once. It was difficult to find a suitable place for it and, unfortunately, the vibrations were shallow and buzzy which is no use at all for my wife.


So good

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Haha but you would definitely get good use from it when kids wereny around brilliant toy