sex on the phone

Literally one of my all time fave's is having sex whilst on the phone. Whether it has been my receiving head whilst trying to keep a serious conversation going or my best experience was having anal with a girl as spoke with her mum... has anyone else enjoyed this or is it just me?

if the phone rings the wife will answer it and we just keep doing what were doing

i wouldnt say its enjoyable but its a good laugh somtimes

Nah sex is all about intimacy for us, I'd find it rude to be on the phone or even distracted at all during sex tbh

That would require multitasking abilities I don't have. Undivided attention works much better in every way for me.

Ha Ha! Yes. Reminds me of the time we were having sex and the phone rang and it was her mother. I just carried on but slowed down a bit so as not to make too much noise!
She was also giving me a blow job once when my mother rang so got her own back as she made me cum as I spoke to her!

I've answered the phone to my mother during sex & he made it difficult to keep a straight voice! Was the most tense 2 minutes of my life, we only did it that one time, now I let my phone ring out.

I frequently will answer the phone mid sex and try to keep a serious convo while my hubby or past partners do things to me

This is one of my favourites, but hard to find like minded souls to do it with.

Last time I was having a session, my partner at the time had a couple of phone calls from the office. On the first one I gave her clit and pussy a good fingering, and on the second occasion I was vigorously pounding her from behind. On both occasions she did a great attempt of trying to answer the phone call but hearing her trying to muffle the moans whilst trying to converse ended up being a series of muffled words and having to repeat herself a lot.

Gone as far as teasting each other not sure I could go to far. I did once draw a face on my dong with lipstick to make OH laugh which worked.

If my OH answered the phone while we were having sex, I'd get off immediately and wouldn't get back on for a while!

Although we've considered the idea of oral play while the receiver is on the phone, we've never actually gone through with it. It's a risk we don't need or care for really.

This has happened once or twice for me with an ex.

I don't particularly enjoy it... Seems a bit awkward for me. Unless it's a friend who can take a joke or a fantasy of yours! :D