Sex Outside?

Anyone had sex outside or in a public space? How did you go about it?

I have given oral in the car or in the woods, hand jobs on buses and trains and in movie theatres. but I have only ever actually had intercourse outside once. It was quite late at night and we were mostly hidden behind a wall on a pier but there were tall buildings around us and we were completely on show to any boats driving by. We were fully clothed at least, but I'm pretty sure a guy in a boat saw us because he circled around us twice. It was nervewracking and the most adventurous thing my boyfriend and I have ever done.


I really enjoy sex outside and have had it during the day and nighttime. A few times we've had dog walkers spot us, though that was our fault for choosing public foot paths, though no one has actually reported us, yet. I have had anal sex outside too. I tend to take lube with me no matter where or what I'm going to do. And yes I've had oral sex outside too, once recieving, it's a bit tricier than giving a blow job outside - well I think. Next on the list is to try pegging outside =)

I'm happy it's spring now as the new scent and warmer weather really excite me. Though I don't mind having sex outside during the winter months, the cold can cause trouble, as it just doesn't seem as exciting.

We have had sex outside a few times, mainly on a night, but a couple of times during the day to, I gave my oh a blow job in the park once in a very public place during the day, not sure if anyone spotted us or not, but no-one reported us.

I think its just a case of choosing your place and time very carefully, it is alot of fun :)

I have given oral on bus to my now husband and he has pleasured me to orgasm with his hands on bus and in a bar. We have played with each other while visiting a castle in durham and ended up having sex in one of the towers. When we visit places he likes to stand behind me in crowds and strum me till i orgasm and he will do this all day but won't let me touch him so i am extremely horny. When we 1st got together we ended up against the side of a church and he has done me over a car bonnet in a carpark was very exciting but maybe sjouldn't have done carpark as they have security cameras which we didn't think of in the heat of the moment! just pick your place carefully! Racecourse and motorracing venues can be good places because you are hidden by crowds.

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I have given my OH a blow job in a very long car journey and it brightened up a couple of blokes in a vans day who was quite happy to slpw down while passing up on the motorway. We have a couple of places we like to go to in the car too when we are kid free (which aint very much now).
With a bloke i had a "fling" with i gave him one in a open park with houses around us. Had sex on the beach in the day with another x it was january at the time so wasnt much people about but i think my nipples wasnt hard from excitment i tell you lol.
I enjoy sex in diffrent places from time to time i think it can help keep things going and you dont feel so routine in the bedroom Just my opinion tho x

Have never had sex outside, but would absolutely love to!

Just got to try and convince the wife... :)

never been a turn on for me

think the chance of being spotted, prosecuted and put on the sex offenders register is too much.

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Have had sex in the garden a couple of times but that's not especially risky! I get very aroused by being naked outdoors for some reason. Unlikely to try anything more adventurous than that, getting caught really does not appeal and I don't enjoy the worry that we might.

The most risky I've ever been was on holiday when I hooked up with a French au pair. We ended up on snogging on a beach at night. It wasn't long before I had her tits out, knickers off and was fingering her. That was great and I'll never forget it, pity she didn't repay the favour!

Never done it with my OH. Am trying to persuade her to try goin up to the woods in the car but shes a bit shy about these things.

Other than that I have had a handjob in the back of a car with an ex on the motorway while my parents were in the front n also fingered her on a bus. Doing stuff in a tent on a busy campsites quite fun too!

Ive has sex outdoors quite a few times on park benches in grave yards, in a car by a fishing lake.

The most daring was i given a BJ down by our local river in the middle of the day on top of a bench. This was amazing and the thrill of being court made it a whole lot more exciting xxx

Best sex outdoors i have had was in a swimming pool on holiday as everyone was in the pool & sunbathing it just adds to the thrillxxxxx

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I have only had sex outdoors a couple of times, in a car and in a field with long grass. I loved it! I just wish there were more hot days in the UK to enjoy sex outdoors! x x x

I love outdoor sex.

I've had sex on a beach at night. I've also been shagged in woods in broad daylight which was very exciting. I've given numerous blow jobs in pub car parks which for some reason is one of my OH's favourites. I gave a blow job in the garden when next door were having a bar-b-que and I've also masterbated to orgasm in a pub !!! Very risky but very exciting (my OH was watching)

I think the thrill of being seen is quite a turn on but once a police car cruised through a car park about 30 seconds after my hubby finished banging me over the car bonnet To close for comfort that one.

Done it once with my wife in some woods butit was miles from anywhere so the risks were pretty slim, would be tempted to do it again but im way too chicken lol

Haven't done it for a while but we used to go walking a lot in the peak district where there are lots of secluded places to have fun.

There is also a pub in the next village to ours that we used to frequent, there is a short cut to it through a couple of fields so on the way home we've had fun quite a few times

We're pretty lucky to live in the countryside so lots of secluded walks with little risk of being caught

yes i enjoy outside sex, back garden we get up to lots, we live in a bungalow so cannot be overlooked before you wonder, in the woods, new forest, on the beach but learnt my lesson there and now only give him oral, in the indian ocean, in the car plenty of times, those are the places that stick in my head but there have been plenty more like when we have day trips out to places

i used to go to the local park with my ex after we finished work and have sex during the light hours in the summer, it was such a turn on knowing people where walking past. my new partner had never done it so after a christening, i took him around the side of my nans house and did the deed there, he had to cup my mouth as i would have screamed haha xx

I'm not sure it counts as outside, but an ex-girlfriend gave me an amazing hand-job on a National Express coach somewhere in a traffic jam on the M25. One lorry driver in particular had an interesting view for a few minutes!

I once had sex on some ancient ruins in an archaeological site in Turkey. It was early morning, only one or two tourists were around and (I hope) they didn't notice.

An ex fingered me down and alley in town once (classy I know), did it in a field at the side of a footpath lots of times when we couldn't wait to get home, touching in the middle of a park at night, in the car a few times, in my ex's pool and his garden, hand jobs on the bus, hand jobs and blow jobs at the cinema, on holiday by the pool at night and on a sunbed down the beach! I love doing it outside but my current bf doesn't seem that into it!