Sex party?

Hey everyone, new here. After some knowledge.

I know there are swinger parties, threesome, or guest etc but I'm struggling to find the "name" of something we want to do. Me and my husband are interested in going to a "party" to have sex infront of, and also watch others have sex. We are not interested in having anyone included in our sex, we have spoken about this many times and we both agree it is too risky for us. I've seen them in films and that is it. I have no idea if they exist (I'm sure they do) or what they are called?

Any help and even experiences appreciated.

Or orgies * not guest lol

you mean Voyeurism!

Thanks for the name of it! Hopefully I'll manage to find *something*. I'm up for it, he's up for it, so we may as well give it a shot 😉

Why not try a club? It's probably the easiest and safest option. Absolutely no pressure to involve anyone else directly- some go as voyeurs, some as exhibitionists. A good club will have different areas for different types of play. I really recommend it!

Yup +1 club, we've been a few times, plenty going on and only ever had sex with each other. Very liberating having another couple getting down to it while you are at the same time!