Sex party

Me my boyfriend and girlfriend have been invited to this party with a dj and exotic dancers at this big house with pool skimpy clothes a must
I think it might be a party that turns into a orgy or sumet or just be a sex party
What do u think


Sex party vs Orgy is there much of a difference?
But think you are probably right about it turning into one @Vickybi

If its something you are comfortable with then you go girl enjoy and have some fun with your partners, but maybe its worth laying down some boundaries between the 3 of you beforehand unless you are all in agreement to go no holds barred.

Good luck :+1:


I think you should ask what it is before you go :man_shrugging:t2:

I agree with @JoCat it would be worth checking out what is likely to happen before you arrive so you don’t get any shocks. I know that @Sophie01 went to a house party I believe in London and I hope she comments on here to help you. If you are happy with your findings then go for it and enjoy the whole experience.


As others have indicated, get as much info prior to attending, overlooked, cameras, cctv and mobiles are important as you don’t want anything getting out on the www.
If you do go, then please update us.

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Come dressed to impress but prepared for all eventualities :see_no_evil:

Hello. I have been to one similar with an organisation called Nights of St Francis by Heavens Circle. They have big ones several times a year that start as a normal party with a DJ, exotic dancers, Acts, and socialising, but as the clock strikes midnights everyone changes into lingerie and the fun begins.

I have friends who have been to other parties too and they all seem to have a similar vibe, in the sense that some people go just for the fun of the party whilst other partake in sex which often does lead to an orgy due to the close proximity. Although one of the smaller parties I went to (maybe 40 people) everyone was kind of doing their own thing as appose to engaging with multiple at once.

Hope you both have fun and looking forwards to hearing how it goes! x


Also as @Mr_amp_MrsDLPS said, do check what their phone policy is as someone can easily snap a pic of video and leak it to the internet. Most of the larger organization parties tend to have a no phones or cameras policy so definitely something to look out for.


Wow sounds like fun, I am keen to try something like this with my wife, just to attend an event and explore how it feels and maybe a little play together before going any deeper, being watched and watching others is quite a turn on, we both love group porn so it feels like the next step for us …

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