Sex Questionnaire

Thought it may be fun for us all to get to know each other a bit better and fill out our accomplishments. I'll start but if anyone wants to add questions feel free

Lost virginity at: 15
Had sex with: 13 girls 0 guys
My cock (or partners cock) is: 6inch
A perfect cock should be: bigger than mine
My boobs are (or partners in my case): 32G
Perfect boobs are: large, firm and pert
I like (my) pussy: shaven bald
Favourite toy: Thruster Rabbit (using it on her)
Worst Toy: Cyberskin Stroker
Most recent toy: Glass Dildo
Best Sex: horny night involving sex on webcam, watching porn, toys and every known hole
Worst sex: first time in a field
Naughtiest thing ever done (sex-wise): Had a blow job in a packed pub whilst kissing her friend without her knowing. i was young and immature ;)

He he this is a fun idea :D

Lost virginity at: 16
Had sex with: 2 men 0 girls
My cock (or partners cock) is: 8 inches
A perfect cock should be: attached to someone who knows how to use it :D
My boobs are (or partners in my case): 34C
Perfect boobs are: a good handful but pert
I like (my) pussy: neat but not shaved
Favourite toy: my little bullet vibe ;)
Worst Toy: impulse hypersonic vibe
Most recent toy: water nymph..
Best Sex: umm theres a few memorable times..either on my hotel balcony/the first time with my current boyfriend or when we both woke up at 4.30am randomly and went at it on the floor then went back to sleep :D
Worst sex: honestly none that i can think of, im a lucky girl
Naughtiest thing ever done (sex-wise): had sex in the 'quiet carriage' on a train with an old guy absorbed in his newspaper a few seats away

oops didnt delete the brackets.the boobs are all mine def not my partners :D

would need to see them to be sure! lol

Lost virginity at : 15
Had sex with:1 guy 0 girls
My hubbys cock HUGE none disclosed lol!
A perfect cock is any size as long as you know what to do with it!
My boobs are: 34 B
Perfect boobs: Angelina Jolie has pretty perfect boobs I think.
I like my pussy: waxed in which ever shape I fancy at the time.
My Fravourite toy: too many to mention.
Worset Toy: my rampant rabbit from Ann summers...newly hated!
Most recent toy: 2 free ones from love honey, durex play touch finger vibrator and durex play vibrations love ring.
Best sex: The first time with my hubby, it was so good because it wasnt rushed or forsed in any way, we have had some great moments since but the first time will always be the best.
Worst sex: no bad sex just things that happen to turn u off, like when me and my hubby were haveing a great time my neighbour walking into the house aking to lend the hose pipe, we were totally naked in the living room, she always walking in without knocking, but the moment was there and we forgot to lock it :S
Naughtiest sex: We was at his mothers and I dragging him into the bathroom and we had sex on the side of his mothers bath while she was cooking in the kitchen below us.

Dragged** omg I suck at spelling :S

Selected Highlights ** Naughtiest Sex: Over the ladders (clothed...well) doggy style at Mother in laws when decorating her front room and bluffing when she came in....
Favourite Toy: At the un named freebie rabbit from the lovely people at LH.
Worst Toy: A Pabo penis pump that was knackered within a week.
My Boobs 42dd (not many in a pound !!)
Best sex: Our first Xmas together...
Most recent toys: same freebies as Laynie....are we as bad as each other ?? lol

i have the the play vibrations love ring as a free sample too :D its at home though not at uni so i havent had the chance to use it yet so im not counting that as my newest toy. and naughty boy you've seen enough of my boobs..theyre not coming any further out than that! lol

Lost virginity at: 15
Had sex with: 1 girl 4 guys
My cock (or partners cock) is: 7inch
A perfect cock should be: Available like a Martini
My boobs are: 36G
Perfect boobs are: large,not droopy with large nipples
I like my pussy: veet'd completely bald
Favourite toy: Platinum Rabbit
Worst Toy: Thruster rabbit that broke after half a dozen uses.
Most recent toy: Aquagasm Rabbit vibrator - freebie and rather good!!
Best Sex: 1st night Hubby decided to join in with me, Rampant rabbit, and new butt plug whilst I read out passages from a dirty book, blew my mind!!
Worst sex: Was 16, very drunk and was taken advantage of by a supposed "friend"
Naughtiest thing ever done (sex-wise): Talking to my Mum on the phone, Hubby whipped my pants down,and started shagging my bottom. Had to hang up quick before I gave the game away :0)

Lady Velvet do you use the term Martini in the same way as me Any Time, Any Place, Any Where...???

Lost virginity at: 17
Had sex with: 4 girls 0 guys
My cock is: 7 inch and thick.
A perfect cock should be able to satisfy whomever you are with.
My pattners boobs are 38E.
Perfect boobs are: large with big sensitive nipples.
I like (my) pussy: shaven bald
Favourite toy: Rampant Rabbit (or any thing she wants me to use on on her).
Worst Toy: Haven't bought one we haven't liked.
Most recent toy: LoveHoney Magic Bullet Mini Vibrator Silver
Best Sex: At the moment any time we get the whole evening and night alone together. (Kids!!!!!)
Worst sex: Tried on the beach once sand got every where. Ouch!
Naughtiest thing ever done (sex-wise): Had sex with my first girl friends mother, while waiting for her to come home. (I was young and she was very hot!)

Lost virginity at: 17 (had oral sex at 12 - how shocking)
Had sex with: 8 girls, 2 guys, 1 half-and-half :-)
My cock is: 8" long and 2" thick
A perfect cock should be: Long, smooth and a satisfying size inside you, wherever that may be :-)
Perfect boobs are: Small, pert and silicone free with slightly upturned perky nipples
I like pussy: Home before dawn. Other than that, smoooth and shaven
Favourite toy: Depends on my mood, but mainly butt plugs and anal toys
Worst Toy: A truly VILE chemical smelling dildo made by Aries Ram. Binned within 30 seconds!
Most recent toy: The one I owe Ruth a review for. (coming soon)
Best Sex: Generally anything following a period of abstanence
Worst sex: Anything without passion
Naughtiest sex: A fine evening in Brazil with two ladies, one who turned out to own a penis and the other a strap-on dildo.

Absolutely Lesleys, my hubby reckons it's because of my age, my libido has gone through the roof and I'm cockhappy!

Lost virginity at: 15
Had sex with: 20+ men, no women :(
My cock is: Hundreds of miles away :(
A perfect cock should be: My fella's!!
Perfect boobs are: Mine!! Hehe.
I like pussy: Smooth and wet
Favourite toy: My man. Failing that, my bunny-type vibrator
Worst Toy: Once tested a really horrible-smelling vibrator, that put me off for starters. Plus it was a crap shape and just didn't do the job. In the bin very soon after opening it!!
Most recent toy: My Lelo Lily, unusual but fun!
Best Sex: I don't think I've had it yet :) I think me and my fella still have a lot to experiment with!
Worst sex: Doing it for the sake of it. Ergh.
Naughtiest sex: Mmm... numerous. I've done it at Alton Towers a few times, also had a threesome but it was a good few years ago... would do it differently now :)

wow bbg! your 'evening in brazil' sounds like one interesting night!! ;) and to ladyv i was wondering what you meant by like a martini..all i could think of was shaken not stirred! lol didnt think that was what you meant somehow!!

Its an age thing Flirty don't worry... I called Laynie a "Martini Girl" months ago (not with any malice whatsoever I should add) and she too had'nt a clue what I was on was a famous advertising slogan of the 1980's.

yeah i think ive heard it before its just not the first thing that came to mind lol

Definately showing my age with THAT comment wasn't I, yes for all you young things who never saw it - the slogan for Martini was- "Any time, Any place, Any where". It then became very popular in the playground as a reference to sex.

Actually, does anybody remember these playground classics too?
ADIDAS - All day I dream about sex
POLO - as in do you want one? - Pants off legs open
I was also wearinhg ra-ra skirts and leg warmers and grolsh bottle tops on my shoes, he he I was too cooool x x

My hubby (who is 9 yrs older)said it to me in our courting days (and did it many times lol )....funny how some things Thank Crunchy its Friday lol. Got both of us stumped on the Adidas one though......Nike Just Do It !!...yeah. Proves Lady V that there is good sex after 35 does'nt it, imho its better now !! So the Flirtys, Laynies and lollys on here could be in for a long ride for many years to come....talking of mature sexy women lol wheres Bubblemagic disappeared to again ?