Sex Talk On Forum - REMINDER

Hey All,

There has been a lot of breakings of Rule 4 recently.

4. Refrain from using unnecessary expletives

This thread goes into a lot more detail about this rule:

Please do not post about how other members posts or photos are making you horny/hard/wet. It is not conducive to a welcoming environment and may make new members uncomfortable with joining in discussions or posting images.

I had to close a whole thread as after editing multiple posts I realised it could not be saved.

The Lovehoney Forum is not a site for dating, hook-ups or cybersexing.

"Be considerate of other members in the forum and understand that once you've posted online, anyone can view the content of your post (including non-members). Please keep our Forum Lovehoney friendly by refraining from language which is offensive, unnecessarily graphic, derogatory or inappropriate."