Sex tips

My boyfriend has a low sex drive and we don’t seem to have sex a lot and I really want to increase it and make his sex drive better but I’m not sure how to go about it

Communication is key to everything. You need to sit and have an honest talk about what you want but also what he wants. Maybe sex is not as important in a relationship to him as it is for you? (This is the case in my relationship) or maybe he’s just tired from day to day life? There could be tons of reasons but until you communicate you won’t know what’s going on and his reasons. Love honey is an awesome place for sex toys, so if he’s open to spicing it up in the bedroom you’re in the right place!

he may want to visit his gp to get his testoserone levels checked as low levels can cause loss of libido

Hey, my best advice (as MrandMrs_L have mentioned) is speaking to him and seeing what he has in mind, whether it be stress, being tired or just not needing sex to get the same enjoyment from life. Your best bet is to hear him out and come to an agreement - if he doesn't like sex in general, there are always plenty more options to keep yourself entertained - and you're in the right place! ;)

As others have said, communication is the most powerful part of a relationship. Speak to him and see what’s on his mind, make him feel appreciated and maybe send him a few naughty messages to get him excited during the day. We go through dry spells but usually we dedicate a night to touching and kissing without penetration and leave it to kinda brew overnight, we both end up like animals the next day. But sexy lingerie works and costumes, maybe see what turns him on, just have a lighthearted and fun conversation about turn ons and offs and see what he comes up with.