Sex Toy For My Girlfriend Birthday?

I'm trying to find a good sex toy for my Gf, but I don't know which one to get? She likes bondage type of toys (especially anal). I found some weird toys like these - **REMOVED**- what do you think?

Well as Lovehoney site would suggest a toy from here along the lines above like this Lovehoney has a range of anal suited toys which are very varied

Hi, have a quick read of the forum rules. This is a sex toy shop before it’s a forum so linking to other websites and competitors is not allowed. Lovehoney sell quite a range of animal tails, so I’m sure there will be one here for her. Have you asked her if this is something she’s interested in though? I usually think it’s easier to buy sex toys with a partner rather than for them unless they’ve specifically said that there’s something they are interested in as otherwise they could end up with something unsuitable.

If she has used plugs before and enjoyed them, then I’d consider these: (glass is amazing for playing with temperature which is tons of fun and heightens the sensation of the toy)

Or even something pretty like this

You'll find all tail butt plugs here:

This one is my personal favorite and has been on my wishlist for quite some time now: The vibrating one that NatandTom linked is also a great idea because, well... it vibrates. =) This might also make for a nice present since it's a set of 3 jewelled plugs in various sizes:


The Desire Luxury Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator is amazing

I would suggest some form of "Womaniser" like this Wifeys favourite toy by a long way, whether tied down or knot (ha-ha)

Sorry , but I could not help myself . About 40 years ago in between wives I was a body builder / biker and at work most thought of me as a bit of a stallion . They would ask me for suggestions on toys or way to get their girlfriend or wife off . I would simply tell them "let me service her" . Some of the young guys would get all butt hurt , but most "got it" and laughed their ass off . I vote for the glass buttplug with tail .