Sex toy mould thicker than BAM!!

Hi everyone. I'm a very horny bi male looking to find a bigger toy in the 9" girth range (realistic style) I was just wondering if anyone has purchased one of the clone your willy moulds.......I'm looking to mould one of my 8.5" girth dildos. I have the 12.5 cheaper version of the BAM but wondered if there was enough silicone to make it as thick as I'd like. As I like being stretched out.

you can buy extra bags of the silicone powder if you don't have enough

I've used clone a willy and I don't think what you're wanting to do is possible. Firstly, I don't think the girth of the moulding tube is as big as you're wanting to mould too. Secondly, the silicone needs to be poured into the moulding tube after the moulding powder has set, I don't think it would be possible to add to the final product, or how you could make any mould bigger than it already is. You could always try around and customise it, but I don't think it's possible unfortunately. All it is good for is cloning, and making a toy bigger would be pretty difficult.

You could use bog standard silicone sealer and build it up in layers allowing it to cure inbetween, this way you can make it any size you want and any shape, as the gap in the bone structure is not round more oval shaped.

It(silicone sealer) has the advantage it stays put as long as you don't put too much on at once, make sure the surface is clean- put through the dishwasher if you have one, leave to cure properly once set it will not come off, play too soon and you will pull it off.

Lovehoney have plenty larger size dildos: <--- 10" Girth <-- 10" Girth <-- 11" Girth

and dare I... <-- a whopping 19" Girth!

Any of these would surely be cheaper (and easier) than trying to buy kits and make one (which if it doesn't work, is a waste of money)?

i agree with david - i have the first one, the american bombshell and it's a girthy joy. great ripples too.