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I’ve never had a regular tester before but have had several secret testers


Your reviews must’ve been epic!

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I don’t think so :woman_shrugging: Just normal

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I’ve had a little look at your reviews and you only have x6 reviews that qualify towards eligibility, so x1 more review at the same quality as the most recent should get you over the threshold.

When selecting testers, the aim is to match the toy with someone who we think will like it. If the reviews on the profile aren’t as diverse, it can be harder to match the toy to the person. While newbies to certain toys are sometimes required, this isn’t always the case if the toy is not entry level.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna, how far away am I from qualifying to be a tester? I have seen some amazing bits I’d love to try out with my partner.

Hey @AB1997

I’ve had a look at your reviews and they are a bit too brief currently to count towards becoming a tester. There is a great guide here detailing how to write a great review, or having a look in the my review topic can be very helpful as a lot of the posters there have received testers before! :slight_smile:

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna, just wondering if my reviews are up to standard or not? I’m not trying to queue jump or anything, just wondering?



@LPX Yep! A couple of your reviews are a bit too brief, however you have x8 reviews that are perfect. So you are ready to start volunteering for testers :smiley: Make sure you also have a default address saved in your account - as we need this to send the items!

Thanks for that. I’ve got more to put up anyway so will try to make them longer.

Your most recent ones are perfect, it was just a couple of earlier ones that were a touch brief :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve just added one and will try to take a look at the older ones.

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna. We were also wondering if our reviews are up to standard? Fresh order on it’s way so another review to follow. Just making sure we are on the right track. :crossed_fingers:

Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna,

I’d love if you could take a quick look at my reviews if you get a minute.

I’ve been reviewing LH products for the last year or two and I believe I’ve followed the tips from the forum when doing so, but I’ve yet to be successful for testing.

If you could give me any feedback or advice, that would be great! I appreciate that you’re busy though, so no worries either way.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna

You kindly sent me a tester and it’s something that’s live on the website. Shall I review it through there or did you want me to wait for an email? :relaxed:

If it’s a live product go ahead and review it on the website :grin: anything top secret you will get an email …. Have fun

I just submitted my latest review. I’ll try to share it to my reviews if I can figure out how to

Not sure if here or the suggestion thread is the right place for this but I’m wondering if anyone else has an issue with remembering their deadline…

I only say this as sometimes when I pop my name down I won’t get selected for a few weeks and by that time ive forgotten the deadline time frame and can’t get back to the list as it’s usually deleted…

Just wondering how others deal with this? Or if it’s possible to have the deadline in the email when you get selected…


I agree with you and I have had to ask Brenna for a reminder of what the deadline is a couple of times :see_no_evil:. I now try and take a screen shot of the original post for any I’ve volunteered for and then just delete it later when the post vanishes if I’m not chosen.

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The posts should still be visible in your comment history! :slight_smile:


Doh :woman_facepalming:t2:
Never thought of that! Much better way :+1:t2:

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