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If people would like feedback on their reviews, I would suggest posting them in the My Reviews thread and asking for feedback in Reviewing Reviews



Do you still need a testers wish list to be chosen or is that an outdated thing? If I look on currently available posts it’s a mix of either voting or commenting a preference

The wishlist testers hasn’t existed since the shopping site changed over a couple of years back.

As you say, it’s now a mix of regular testers in a list that you vote on and tester posts to comment on for both regular and secret testers.

All the current information is in The Great Big Review and Testing Guide :+1:t2:

Ah yeah I remember the site changing. I’m very new to this, only started a couple days ago so just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Hiya, I’m sure you’re tired of getting these messages but I’ve been putting it off for ages and the curiosity keeps pushing me to ask :clown_face:
Is there a chance you could let me know if I have enough live reviews to be considered to be a tester? I just want to be 100% either way so I can stop wondering! :sweat_smile:

@Lovehoney_Brenna - hey Brenna just checking in on this - did you manage to see my latest review? I’m not sure how long it takes to get a review approved :slight_smile:

It’s approved when you can see your review against the item on the site. That does not mean that it meets the standard required for product testing, just that it has been approved for the site. Best advice keep adding reviews and be patient.

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