Sex Toy Tester - Chit-Chat

Thanks Ian howis the uk today

Hi @neonblueram1973

I live in NZ and I have been successful on a few occasions, both from the general tester lists and from a list just for Aussie & NZ’ers :upside_down_face:

Good Luck :crossed_fingers:


I got my replacement and it’s damaged. Customer service have escalated. Could be a problem with the batch. Shame, its still testable and a nice product aside from its defects.

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As long as you have reviews up on the shopping site and you’ve voted in the Tester polls or replied to a Secret Tester post then you’re in the mix. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Using the same email for both writing and applying for testers is important too, as that’s how they’re linked backstage. So make sure your email for the shopping site matches the one you use to log on to the forum. :+1:


Thanks Ian! You da man!

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Are there times where if you are chosen as a tester that the item is sent out without a notification?

No, you should always get an email but do check your spam box.

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So I got a littttlleee bigger and I need to update the team on my size for any future secret lingerie releases to review and I can’t for the life of me remember the context needed in the email and where to send it! Having a hard time looking around for answers too can I get a hand?

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Hey @Boox, there’s no harm in dropping Brenna an email with your new measurements, the info can be found in The Great Big Review and Testing Guide :blush:


The forum had a little update a while ago, and now if you click on the ‘Lingerie Testing’ header a little :link: icon appears on the left, and you can grab a link straight to that section: :+1:


@Lovehoney_Brenna -Am I on the tester list?? how do I create a wishlist??

There isn’t a list as such. You can no longer create wishlists. All the info you need on the current system is here

Oh, ok. Thanks😊

Morning @Lovehoney_Brenna would you please be an Angel :angel: and confirm that my last review came through yesterday afternoon?

Thank you :lh_heart_purple_2:

Yep, I’ve got it :smile_cat:


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna

Just wondering if you received my recent Measurements update?

Hopefully something that doesn’t change for the worse anytime soon!

Thanks :blush:

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Yep, I’ve got them! :smiley:

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Thank you :heart: