Sex Toy Testers - Would anyone be interested in speaking about the experience?

Hey All,

We are wondering if any of our Sex Toy Testers would be interested in being part of an article about the experience of being a Sex Toy Tester.

Ideally you would be happy to share your name and an image, however this is not essential - just preferred.

If this sounds like something you would be happy to help with, comment down below and we may be in touch! :smiley:


You can have my first name and age, but no picture unfortunately :smirk:

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Id be happy to!

Same as @ChloJakes for me Brenna :+1:

As with @ChloJakes I would be happy to but with just name and age.

Could be interested.

Same feelings as @ChloJakes here too.
Id be okay sharking my forum pic but not a selfie/face pic


Would be happy to take part…like others - happy to Share first name and age…but not really picture…

Could be interested but wouldn’t want my picture and full name published

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Sounds interesting. I’d like to help out if possible.

Same here, first name, age and rough location would be ok by me.

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Possibly with just my nickname and age bracket without exact location…don’t mind my forum pic being used.

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Id be interested

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I’m good with name and age

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I’d be good with first name and age as well as rough location

Yeah @Lovehoney_Brenna , time to give back, you have given so much.

At your service and standing by Squirrel Commander


I’d be happy to help, but wouldn’t like to share my name and image :slightly_smiling_face:

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Similar to many others, happy to assist but would prefer just name, age and rough location to a picture

I’d be happy to be interviewed and part of the article but just forum name and no recognisable photo I’m afraid.

I’d be cool with being part of it with my name and possibly a partial face pic if it could be partially hidden with a toy maybe. I just wouldn’t want to be fully visible.
Do you need any masks tested? :wink::rofl:

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