sex toy testers

I recently got my first sex toy to test.. 100 free condoms & A little red babydoll. i just wondered how many toys have you tested and which was the best?

I've only ever received one toy to test, and that was the Nalone USB Electro Vibrating Massage Wand. It was pretty damn awesome. I get a lot of lubes and sprays to test though, so can't complain.

Do ones that we have bought count or are you asking only for ones we have been sent as test products?

Wow David sounds like you have done alright! Jammy sod!

Erm either really ;) xx

Hm... actually one of the best toys I have ever had was a vibrating egg I don't even know the brand of, lol. It was sent to me with a Crazy Random Grab Bag (the only thing I have liked from that bag actually). The other one I really like is the Happy Rabbit - no other internal vibrator has come even close to that one for me. I have not been sent anything for testing, though. :)

Ah I never had a vibrating egg!! I did have the fifty shades of grey ones and i hated them! Maybe my next buy I think! Xx

The one I liked best actually looked and felt like metal (it was plastic, though). This feeling was really nice. My next one would be metal-like, again. :)

Since joining Lovehoney I've been sent 4 toys to test and the most recent one is by far my favourite. It's not on the site yet but it's one of the aluminium vibes Cazz was sending out earlier this week. I've received a few pieces of lingerie too, and my favourite isn't on the site yet either!

Ah I'm so jealous! Did u start off getting something small? Maybe my wish list is to much :/ x

i received my first and hopefully not my last tester yesterday like PPD i got one of the aluminium vibes Cazz was sending out

I need to find cazz!! 😢 xx

I've been sent 8... wow thats alot! 2 of them were from the threads though

This was my very first tester item it wasn't even on my tester wishlist (it was on my normal one) or on the tester page so you can imagine my surprise when I received an email saying it was on its way! I tend to get more lingerie than toys, possibly because my lingerie reviews are better than the toy ones? I have no idea.

I'm not sure how many reviews I had written when I got my first tester so I can't advise you on that. No one really knows how Lh decide on who to send items out to, but it may possibly have something to do with the number and quality of your reviews, as well as how many people have that particular item on their wishlist.

I've been sent two in the last fortnight, I was genuinely so excited.
Especially to get the kegal balls Cazz put in the thread..
I went a bit review mad and started going through my toy box (I still have so much to do) so I had some under my belt before I asked for anything. I think I did about ten before I was chosen?
I'm hoping those two won't be my last either :)

Since discovering Sex Toy Testers I have had a Magic Wand Attachment (my review for the actual wand was a runner up in review of the month so that probably helped me get that one)

Then I have had a crotchless body suit ( for which I will be eternally grateful to LH. I have always wanted to see my wife in something like this but any time I have suggested crotchless lingerie the response hasn't been very positive. I got this through testers and explained to my wife that she only needs to try it for testing, if she didn't like it then it could go in the bin, blah blah. Turns out she absolutely loves it and feels incredibly sexy in it. I have since bought another crochless body and have some knickers and a bodystocking in my basket (waiting for a DOTD to tempt me before I place order)

I also got one of the aluminium vibes that Cazz offered on the forum on Monday that I'll be reviewing tonight. In short though; "love it"

I got an email confirming my first tester today - the vanilla sensation cream (I know I have got the name wrong lol). Definately looking forward to that - hubbies willy will be even more like a lockable ice cream cone with that on :-)

or even lickable!

I've been sent 15 items in total, 2 in the past week. I think the aluminium vibes are a bit hit - everyone who got one seems to love it! I'm so excited for the whole range to go live :D

Delboy - its there a reason you have 2 tester wishlists? Also, I'm not sure if this makes any difference or not but maybe just call it 'Sex toy testers' like recommended rather than adding the extra heart or whatever. Also, the items on your list look expensive - I've only had one item over £50 sent so maybe they're a bit reluctant to send you something so expensive for your first tester?

My favourite was the nalone bullet :D amaaaazing vibe! I use it at least once a day (a few days I have used it about 4-6 times) and the batteries are still lasting perfectly!

I've also been sent my first item to test today it's the Doc Johns G-spot Vibrator. Fingers crossed it's a good one :)

PinkPolkaDot wrote:

I think the aluminium vibes are a bit hit - everyone who got one seems to love it! I'm so excited for the whole range to go live :D

i wasn't so impressed with the one i got in regards to the vibrations other than that it's a good little vibe