Sex toys and Travel

Hi all

Just wondering about taking Sex Toys abroad, wear off for a month to Australia and Thailand and wanted to know what's it like taking your favourite toys, is there any issues taking them on flights to these countries (obviously as hold luggage)

Any info will be greatly recieved

We have had our toy bag opened by customs officers after the contents showed up on the X-ray machines but they didn't bat an eyelid. They must be used to finding these things nowadays.

If you're prepared to be embarrased if they're discovered there should be no other problems.

I think they're illegal in Thailand?

I haven't taken them abroad but I have flew back with them in my carry-on bag. This was from Amsterdam, mind you, so they probably aren't surprised by anything. I want to bring a toy back from every country I visit.

I think Ian is right. Toys seem to be a big no no in Thailand for some reason so I would avoid taking anything there just in case.

Ian Chimp wrote:

I think they're illegal in Thailand?

It does seem it is illegal to own them in Thailand and there is a campaign to legalise them.

The Middle East, places like Dubai are other countries to avoid taking toys into as there have been various cases of people being arrested on arrival.

Suggest you leave them at home not worth the risk

Ian Chimp wrote:

I think they're illegal in Thailand?

Your right. Although Thailand is known for its sex city in Bangkok and pattaya, it's illegal to carry them. I had my dildo confiscated many years ago (hand carry). So it safer to check in your toys with your luggage. Btw travelling with toys are well discussed in other threads.

There's a vlog about taking toys on holiday which you may find useful?

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