Sex toys are going up in price

As everything in the world recently sex toys have now starting to up in price, starting from what iv seen with the LH mains wand now at £54.99.

This maybe down to the chip shortage and perhaps go back down in the future or is it a sign of things to come.

As I have brought 95% of my toys with the old unlimited discount I have a few spare of my favourites like wands, lube etc.

Now with prices on toys looking like maybe their on the up along with less discounts, people are less likely to buy and keep buying toys, including myself.

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I think it is inevitable that all products will increase in price due to fuel/ heating/electric all going up. Premises have to be heated/electric used to produce things and then distributed. Unfortunately a way of the world.


Same. Everything is going up except my salary :expressionless:

Some toy brands I used to always buy are now way more expensive for the base models without much change in the quality of product or service. The price just puts me way off for them now. I have a huge collection of toys so it gives me a chance to go through what I already have. I should be getting rid of stuff I don’t like instead of hoarding it like a cock collecting dragon. It’s not like I can use them all at the same time anyway…

Sometimes LH have great sales even if their discount codes are less nowadays, so I wouldn’t be too disheartened just yet :crossed_fingers:


LH basics seem OK from what I’ve tried

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Not only that it’s costing us half as much again to charge them…



Didn’t think of that lol, our electric has pretty much doubled so now my orgasms using LH mains wands are costing twice as much :rofl:

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… but knickers are coming down


Me neither but I often have a damn good try

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If you were working for me @Mint-Monster I would give you a pay rise. Unfortunately now retired so unfortunately not employing anyone any more.

Perhaps LH need a new wind up range of toys haha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Great idea. I have a wind up flashlight which works well but not a wind up fleshlight :grin:


I’m putting a couple of pounds a week away in case I see something I want to buy. I dont work so money is tight anyway :pensive:


I’m currently job seeking at the moment so I try to invest in toys that have a longer life span or last a life time just to avoid spending too much. Sometimes I have to stop myself from buying stuff as I’m quite conscious about how much I spend these days, plus I don’t want to regret buying stuff. Not sure how much I would be able to buy when I do get a job but I guess I’ll have to look out for sales to spend less or save up if i really need something.


I surprisingly haven’t noticed the price rise on toys, has this gradually been done?

Just LH main wands is the only thing I’ve seen so far. Wouldn’t surprise me if other toys go up, especially electrical toys.

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Terrible for us non workers isn’t it? Looking on this website is like standing outside of a pub knowing that you are 7p short of the price of a drink.

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Im the same, ive spent a ton over the last 3 years and im trying to stop myself and think do I really need this, I have plenty of other toys to play with that can last for years.

I wouldn’t say money is tight but could I use the money to put towards bills, food etc.


Kinda makes sense I guess :disguised_face:

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True, true.
I think equally important is that the value of the pound has dropped by around 10% over the last three months.

I noticed this when I looked at buying a toy only available from a US competitor. The pound simply buys less in terms of toys and shipping from abroad (both directly and through British retailers like Lovehoney) and I guess, less raw materials from international supply chains for toy makers.

I just hope we don’t end up in a situation like with choccy bars, where they gradually make dildos smaller over time and up the price at the same time! :scream:

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Sex toys are going up???