Sex toys how do you store them?

Hi everyone,

How does everyone store their many sex toys?

Do you keep them in the packaging once you are done with them?

Is it worth keeping the packaging incase you have to return it back to LH in the first year?



expensive stuff I keep the packaging for, cheap stuff is thrown in a drawer.

In a large lelo box by side of bed

I only keep all the packaging for my my expensive toys, like my Happy Rabbit and Lelo products. Inexpensive outer packaging gets chucked in the bin.

I store my toys in a drawer next to my bed in LH gift boxes, in LH Satin Storage Bags. I do have a huge box of toys under my desk that I haven't tried yet in a the original post boxes (brown cardboard, so inconspicuous!). If anyone asks I tell them it's presents, though most of the family should know they are sex toys by now! Lol :)

EDIT: Nabz, no need to keep ALL the original packaging, LH just need the order number and the product itself. It doesn't matter if you throw away the box it came in, you can still return it :)

I really need to sort mine out as I just chuck them in with my knickers!

in a cardboard box with lid in a draw under the bed so nosey children dont find them

I keep mine in clear ziplock bags in plastic drawers. I keep the packaging if it can be used for storing smaller items or it's very unusual and nice. Often I just recycle it though.

In a box inside the cupboard, which jus so happens to be right beside the bed. handy that

Bed side cabinet - generally all the wires get tangled up!

I keep all mine stored in LH satin bags, which are hidden not so well in my bedside draw.

If I bought something with a handy, sturdy storage box though it wouldn't be thrown away.

Otterman at the end of the bed with a padlock on it, Three plastic storage containers under the bed, 6 Boxes in top shelf of wardrobe, And in drawers in bottom of wardrobe.

I have each one wrapped in a flanel kept in my bedside drawer

Majority are at my boyfriends house. Mostly thrown in his underwear drawer, and lube is under the bed so its to hand. Mentioned the other day we really do need to find something to put things in. Need to invest in a nice little box or bag.

Might have to find a plain black make up bag or something.

all over the bedroom

I keep my glass toys in the draw string bags that come with them in my bedside cabinet draw. My glass plugs and njoy plugs I keep in the original boxes and they are in the draw under the bed, together with a few more still boxed toys.

In a large toiletry bag on my desk. It looks unsuspecting. If anyone opens it, well then they'll get a shock and it'll teach them not to poke around in other people's stuff.

Maybe we can start a campaign to get LH to stock some storage solutions?

In a box under my bed with "Open and regret it" written on the top, never had any lookers.

At the moment in a one of the boxes my first order was delivered in, at the bottom of my cupboard. Not enough privacy from prying eyes though...

Little Strummer Boy wrote:

Maybe we can start a campaign to get LH to stock some storage solutions?

They have done in the past but as they are expensive they don't sell well. That and they are large so take up warehouse space.