Sex toys out and about

I saw this come up in have you ever thread.

Me and partner have spoke about it.

What are your experience on this please.

Thanks j

Iโ€™ve used remote control toys before, super exciting when youโ€™re meeting him for a day out and you hand him the remote out of the blue ๐Ÿ˜ vice versa too, having him hand me a clitoral vibe that he could control from an app. So so fun and naughty! I regularly go to work with my kegel balls in, not quite the same thing but I do get a kick out of them when Iโ€™m going up and down the stairs ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Š

We have used Ben wa balls & a plug out for dinner or a quick shop a few times. Nothing better than getting that rush.

We enjoy using the 50 shades love egg when out and about, it's powerful but descreate.

What about noisy toy if vibrating?

I don't think I'd use a noisy one - I'm not that brave. I love going out with my FSOG kegel balls because being just over 200 grams, this keeps aware at all the times and all the clenching of the pelvic fllor muscles produce very interesting sensations, without being too obvious. I've to be careful though because if I sneeze or cough they can easily come out.

I often spend the day wearing a butt plug or/and a set of jiggle balls......make the shopping, dog walking etc much more enjoyable ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

I didn't mean using a nosiy toy for a better thrill.
Just more what about the sound arw they quiet enough to use or would you have to be somewhere noisy.

Something thats never crossed my mind is people who you may see shopping wearing these things.

One made the news a few years ago as a lady had an orgasm in Sainsbury's and people called an ambulance.

I regularly wear my metal cock ring when at work or at the pub. It is a really nice feeling.

Never worn a cock ring whats the benefit to wearing during the day.

Both my husband and I regularly go out with butt plug in. I can wear one for about 6 hours, he can do longer. Makes me feel a bit naughty and somewhat filled, and makes a mundane day much more enjoyable

My Madame (the wife) has had me locked up in a chastity cock cage, which I have to wear 24/7, no matter where I go, for work, going the pub with friends, functions, live music gigs etc. The only time she lets me out of it is when she decides.
Also she will make me have a.butt plug in, a few times a week, which I have to keep in no matter what I'm doing,

We have done in the past and now are hoping to do more in the future. More remote vibes and butt plugs needed first.

So what are the recommended remote toys

I have worn a butt plug out and about before. Just make sure you use a toy that can be used with silicone lube as it lasts far longer than water based lube. You really dont want the lube drying up on a butt plug!

great advice Maximum Turnip... Ive done this before, and it gets a little bit sore afer a while

Weโ€™ve used knicker vibrators out and about but none of them are perfect for us. Great fun though.

Thank you for advice whete did you use them? Did you make sure it was a noisy place like cinema or pub?

Often wear a butt plug out and about. They make mundane tasks way more fun. I love the idea of having a little (sometimes big!) secret. I always wonder who else is wearing something at the same time... Feels sexy to suprise my OH with the knowledge of me wearing it too.

I have a vibrating prostate massager with a remote control that would be fun to wear out at a bar or something and give my OH the remote. Just worried it could be loud and the will need to try and control my facial expressions...!

I often pop a butt plug in when I'm at home doing the house work it seems to make even the most boring jobs like loading up the dishwasher that bit more exciting. One that I particularly like the most is hovering the stairs with a butt plug in and nothing else on and my wife always comments about how good the hovering has been done and she always asks if I enjoyed the list of jobs she left to be done with a cheeky look in her eye