Sex toys stolen

My car got broken in to at the week end. It had my bag of sex toys me and my fiancé use in it. I’m so sad over this tragic news and so is my partner. I hope the people who took them suffer a tragic sex life haha

That’s actually crazy! Bet they got a shock when they opened the bag!! Gheeze! Jokes aside, hope you’re okay.

Sorry to hear that Kane, best wishes.

The monsters! Take my money, take my jewelery but leave my sex toys alone!

I hope these crooks get what's coming to them and you can replace your toys. So sorry to hear this.

Firstly sorry to hear what happened horrible experience. Secondly did you have to give the police a description of items taken!?

Mrs.John 🙈🤣

Well at least they can go and *F* themselves! Hope your OK though 😘

Hi and welcome to the forums. What a nightmare. I am sure they got more than they bargained for when they open the bag.

Sorry but I’d of loved to see their faces when they opened the bag 😂 but I hope you can replace them soon! I think I’d of cried if someone stole mine, I hope they get what’s coming to them!

Ahh that sucks!! Hope the car is not too damaged and that payday brings more toys to you both!!

I bet they thought they’d hit the jackpot until they realised they’d stolen used sex toys, this thread has just reminded me of an old thread I read about when Lovehoney had a bunch of used stuff stolen once. I just hope they never sold them to anyone else 😆

MrandMrs_L wrote:

Mrs.John 🙈🤣

sorry!! couldn't help myself 😂 "well officer there was a 12" dong, realistic vagina and a tonne of lube!!"

Sorry to hear what happened, but I do find it slightly amusing that you're more upset about the sex toys than losing the car 😂.